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Announcing improvements to the Enterprise Insights release cadence

We’re excited to announce that future versions of Enterprise Insights (EI) will begin releasing on a familiar, consistent cadence, tied to updates of Jira Align. In the past, releases would occur only when a significant number of enhancements and defect fixes were available. We’re updating our practices to provide more predictability and reliability.


Starting with version 10.119.0, we’ll be following the same release pattern used to upgrade the Jira Align platform. EI releases for cloud environments will occur monthly for each release track, during our standard maintenance window on Fridays. Releases will be deployed immediately after a successful upgrade of Jira Align. If Jira Align is unable to release a new version, we will inform you of the status of a pending EI release by posting a notice in the EI release notes section of Help.

Environments on the continuous release track will receive a new version of EI after the successful deployment of a new Jira Align feature release, which has a version number that ends in .0.

Two weeks later, environments on the bundled release track will receive the new version of EI. This will occur after the successful deployment of a Jira Align maintenance release, which has a version number that ends in .2.

On-premise environments will have access to a new version of EI on the same day their new version of Jira Align is available. New versions of on-premise are available five days after a Jira Align .2 maintenance release is deployed to cloud environments.

Sample release calendar

See the Enterprise Insights release calendar for more upcoming dates. Compare this to the core Jira Align release calendar.

EI Version Continuous Track
for Sandbox Environments
Bundled Track
for Production Environments
On-Premise Environments
10.119.0 April 7, 2023 April 21, 2023 April 26, 2023
10.120.0 May 5, 2023 May 19, 2023 May 24, 2023


Version numbering and hotfixes

Because EI releases occur monthly, only a .0 version is available. The version number will not change between deployments to the continuous and bundled tracks, as seen with core Jira Align releases.

If an issue is discovered that requires immediate intervention, a hotfix for EI will be deployed, which will update the version from .0 to .1, and so on. Only critical bugs, such as EI being inaccessible, or an adverse effect on Jira Align data or usability, will be considered for a hotfix.

Release notes

Release notes for EI will be published monthly, on the Friday a new version is first deployed to the continuous track. You can find these notes in the Enterprise Insights release notes section of our Help site.

We will also publish notices to this section if an EI release is canceled, delayed, or does not contain any changes.



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