Getting SCRUM certified in Houston? Is it worth it?

I'm debating whether it's worth getting scrum certified. I've looked at courses here https://www.simplilearn.com/csm-certification-training-houston-city and the idea of shelling out $1300 for 2 or 3 days seems pretty crazy.

Is it worth it at all? I read the book Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time  and spent a lot of energy putting together Jira for my team and have been researching and watching a lot of videos so I get a pretty good grasp of the concept. 

Because I'm the one who is spearheading Scrum as a project management model I've sort of fallen into the role of Scrum Master. Since we're not developing software is there any value in these certifications? Will getting certified make me a better scrum master overall?  


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LarryBrock Community Leader Jul 23, 2019

Thanks for posting @Michael Arndt !  I'm excited to see some traffic in our little neck of the Atlassian Community!  I don't really have an answer but perhaps one or two of our community members will give some feeback.  Cheers!

Hi, Michael! 

I went through my CSM ~ 6 years ago. As much as I learned from all the books and online videos and webinars, it wasn't until I attended a course that I felt I learned the framework well. My instructor was awesome and made it a point to help us learn by doing. The exercises we did as teams helped me better understand what the framework was all about. 

I've relied on this certification A LOT when discussing agile transformations and good team practices. Did it make me a better Scrum Master? I'm not sure I can answer that, but the teams I've worked with seem to appreciate it. Hope that helps! -a 

Which course did you take? Was it in Houston?

Hi, Michael! 

I went through ScrumAlliance for my CSM. However, I took mine in Austin as my boss and I did it together (the company I work for is based up there). However, the Agile groups here that I'm involved in have good things to say about the courses local to Houston. -a 


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