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How can an Administrator change user's Avatars?

Is there any way, as a Fish Eye admin, I can change user's Avatars?

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seb Atlassian Team Sep 07, 2011

Only a user can change his/her avatar. If you would like to see this improvement, I would suggest that you raise an issue on in the FE project.

You can log in as the user from the "User Management" screen and change their avatar there.

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Trying this now and it doesn't work. The avatar is unclickable. In fact, when I do it in confluence, I click the user's avatar and it goes to edit my avatar.

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I just tried this as well and it did not work. 


I logged in as the user

I went to that users profile page

I clicked on current default profile 

- Nothing happened


Expected to be able to change the users profile image. 

When I follow these steps, it brings me to my OWN profile page, not the user's page I'm trying to administer.

As an admin, click on "user management" (cog wheel upper right), select the user you want to change the avatar, then on "View Public Profile" (on the right side). Then you are in the users profile. Click on the avatar picture and you should be able to change it.

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I was not able to replicate what you have advised @Jan Koprowski 

This was working but for some reason, without us updating JIRA, the View Public Profile page does not show any data. Making it not possible to change image/avatar. Strange...

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That's strange, because I'm a JIRA Admin (jira-adminstrators, jira-sysadmin, jira-developers) and I'm currently able to click on an Avatar in another User's profile and update it no problem. Standard jira-users do not have that ability.

Could the problem between those who can make it work and those who can't be associated with old and next-gen projects in Jira? 


I'm the Site Admin in Jira and I'm unable to update any user account profile photos / avatars despite being able to login as the user as Site Admin. 


Very frustrating. Any views? 

Deleted user Jan 24, 2020

Having the same issue 

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I'm experience the same issue.  A couple weeks ago when I originally set up a number of users I was able to "log in as user" and change their avatar, however now when I try the exact same steps there is no option to edit their avatar.

There is a note under Password in the Account Details that says "You may not change the Atlassian account details of a user while impersonating them."  Do you think changing a user's avatar was recently taken away when logged in as a user?

What I've learned is this is because the enabled SSO setting has been enabled.  When that is enabled it appears to disable the ability, as the admin, to update others profile avatar. 

Sorry, very new to JIRA, what is SSO?  Single sign on?  How do I disable this, even temporarily, so I can set this user's avatar?

Yes Sigle sign-on.  Not sure of how to disable.

Did you find out how to change other user profile avatar? If Yes, could you pls share the process to do that?

If the user enabled their SSO, there is no way to do it. You will have to ask the user to change it themselves.

Hover over the user's name in a text box until a window pops up. Click on the avatar. It will open the user's profile. Click again on the Avatar and you can change it (if you are an admin user). 

On Jira, I opened the user public profile while having administrator privileges active, I was able to click on the avatar to change it like described. Thanks

I think Fish Eye is another product by Atlassian. I was confused and thought you were the OP. 

In a normal JIRA/Confluence admin situation, the workflow is exactly as I explained. However, as you'll see in this screencast, you and I are performing the exact same task, so it's not quite clear why you aren't experiencing the same functionality. It seems like a bug, but perhaps there are some privileges you are missing. Are you the super admin or is there another admin that oversees your account?

Side note: Ironically, I had to change accounts to post this comment because I didn't have enough points to make more than 2 comments in 24 hours... way to go Atlassian. Bugs abound.

Here is my screencast of what I'm doing:

this is in the JIRA application, I really don't understand what this 'Fish Eye' account is but this is the new JIRA Software instance I've just created last week.

Sorry I should clarify, this is how you change the Atlassian account (JIRA/Confluence), but it should also affect the Fish Eye account. 

I just checked by performing this action. Once you've logged into a user, you'll see their avatar in the upper right corner. If you click on that and go to "Profile", you'll see the avatar again and the word "Avatar". If you click on that default avatar, it'll give you the option to change to another one or pick a file to use as the avatar.

Unable to change the avatar while being logged in as the user.


As well as not being able to change a users avatar as an admin by 'hovering' over the users name.  No popup comes up for me. 

Which part doesn't work? Can you click on user management and a person's username and "log in as user" or is that option not available for your user privileges?

Once you "log in as" you are unable to click on their avatar in their profile to change it. I just tried. 

Blairg23, I've just tried that and it doesn't work. 

If you're an admin, you can click on user management and a person's username, then click "log in as user", then update their profile image there. 

Doesn't work as Site Admin, or at all. 


Below are the improvement requests for these issues:

Kindly vote and feel free to comment.

Hm... and why? It is possible to change any user avatar in JIRA (as Administrator) but not in Crucible... Again - why?? Same functionality...

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Dave Atlassian Team Aug 30, 2012

As an administrator, you should be able to update the JIRA avatar for a user, but not the Confluence or FE avatar.

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