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FishEye, only index current version

I'm evaluating FishEye to be used in my company. Our only need is to index a very large Subversion repository with c# and c++ code to gain fast searching.

I have set up a single project (1 out of 100) and i takes ages to index the files (scanning 1.500 commits on that single project)

I have read the FAQ

Can I set it up to only request and index the current version in SVN?

We don't need searching comments, diffs, JIRA integration or anything else, we just want to search the code as it is now in the trunk.


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Hi Stig,

Thanks for clarifying this. Could you please check if setting a Start Revision as in helps? With this set you can have the indexing starting from a more recent revision.


Gustavo Refosco

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I'm also glad I was able to help. Please allow me to ask you to mark my answers you consider to be good as accepted in order to have them in the top of the thread, also helping other customers in the future.

Thanks in advance.

Gustavo Refosco

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Hi Stig,

Setting Include/Exclude Paths will take effect at the moment you restart your repository. You have the option to only restart the repository without re-indexing it, so files and directories which have been indexed prior to the update will remain visible in FishEye, and it will just not index further updates on these paths. By re-indexing the repository then everything defined as an "exclude" won't show up.

As per the file types, indeed you can't set them as an Include as includes do not accept antglobs or wildcards. I'd suggest you to add excludes for the file types you have in your repository that you do not with to be indexed.

For reference and further understanding on how to use Include/Exclude Paths, please take a look at


Gustavo Refosco

We do not know what is in SVN so it would be cumbersome to exclude all other files and maintain that list in the future

Hi Stig, I understand you would like this as a feature. I research in our development issue tracker and found a request for this you can see at I'm sorry to inform it is marked as Won't Fix. You can find further details explaining the reason in the comment contained in the URL above. Regards, Gustavo Refosco

And how do I exclude everything but .cs, .cpp, .h files?

"Includes" seems to only work with Path Prefix.



Thanks, that seems to work. 

If i change "Include/Exclude Paths" would it reindex everything and remove what I excluded?


Hi. I have already excluded branches, tags and releases. 

The time is used when requesting the 1.500 commits on the single project. I don't care about the history but only the current trunk.


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Hi Stig,

If I understood correctly, your interest would be to index only the trunk (not indexing branches and tags). This could be done by setting the Path option as indicated in, so only the contents under it would be indexed. For instance if your repository root URL is http://localhost/svn/repo1 and under it you have directories named trunk, branches and tags, you would setup this repository as:

URL: http://localhost/svn/repo1

Path: trunk

Please attend to apply any further configuration if necessary, e.g. if your repository structure doesn't follow the SVN convention as per in the Subversion Red Book please follow the instructions at


Gustavo Refosco

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