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Crucible does not show diff for some files

Occasionally we run into this problem and i have no idea what is causing it or how to fix it. When creating a code review for some files, crucible will not show the diff for the file. You'll see from the below screenshot that a particular file only indicates one revision (81644) and as such, will not show that the file was prior to these changes even though the file is marked as a change. Have i missed a setting somewhere? Many of the other files will show the diff, however i'm unclear as to what's driving this.

Thanks for any and all advice.

One thing to note, we have a very large repository and crucible has not finished indexing it. ive found others online indicating there are issues with large repositories, so myabe this is related?

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Thank you for the reply. While it could certianly be that, generally speaking. i've reviewed this with the developer and have been assured that this value has not changed from the default (which is diff), further more this review was for only 1 changeset and should be very simple.

As a test, and sort of on a hunch, i created another project in crucible with a only a single branch of a single project. Basically one that could index very quickly and easily. Creating exactly the same code review that covers exactly the same revisions shows all the diffs as expected. Which makes me think this is indeed related to crucible having had yet to index relevant areas of the repo.

So basically Crucible is only useful for tiny repositories and should be abandoned by product development teams once they move beyond the proof-of-concept phase. Given that this has been an issue for years now it appears that Atlassian has no interest in fully supporting the primary use for the product by large-scale development teams.

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Hi Jeff,

I can see at least two potential reasons of this happening:

  • review author added both revision of the file to review but then removed one of the revision, so only one stayed on review
  • file was added as a whole file rather than a diff to a review, see

Do you think those could be the reasons? Can you check Tools / View Review History and check all entries referring to file?

Kind regards,

Facing similar issues. Upgrade to latest Fisheye didn't help. Within same review (or changeset), some files will show diff correctly, while others will act as if a whole file was added. Consider the following screenshot demonstrating how Fisheye fails here while SmartSVN shows changes correctly:

- Left top: Review made with change 156735
- Right top: examining the actual changeset
- Bottom: SmartSVN client analyzing the same changeset, file sencha.cfg:

I, too am seeing this problem.  I am including changesets when creating my review, and was careful to include them as "diff" and not as "whole file".  Some files show up with color coded diffs, some do not.  I was very careful in choosing the changesets I selected, including writing down the numbers.  Later I went back in to add more content, and some of the changesets I had selected weren't checked.

Just now I went back and again browsed changesets.  I unchecked one changeset and clicked done, then again went back to browsing changesets.  Either I made a mistake in which checkbox to uncheck, or the system took out the wrong one.  So I corrected the mistake and clicked done. Now all of Crucible is hung/crashed, nobody can access it. sad


Also seeing this with latest/greatest versions. Did anyone ever find a solution to this?

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