Using Confluence and Jira in the finance team

Hi All,


I am trying to convince my financial teams to use our Atlassian tools more, I am having success with a few of the staff but unfortunately not the ones that count. 


Would any of you be able to provide some pointers on how you use Jira and Confluence on a daily basis? I am interested in both tools as an FYI




Hi Dan

we have in JIRA Projects for authorization, for communication with our IT department for example


Hi Eva,


How do you use Confluence in your company? Especially in your role?

Deleted user Oct 04, 2018

Hi @Daniel Tombs,

A Finance Team I worked with previously were resistant to change. We had Confluence Blueprints set up that were duplicates of any forms that existed, created by the Finance Team to make it easier for them to adopt, we had a Jira Project solely to capture Change Requests from Clients that would go through a Commercial and Financial workflow before being moved onto a separate development Jira Project that the client had access to.      

We had multiple conversations and meetings with every member of our Finance Team individually, to work out what the source of their resistance was, how we could overcome it, and present the live solution to them. 

We kept reiterating until we were satisfied with the results. 

I hope this helps


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