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Suggestion for a 'Starred' page within Community

Just a thought here, but I think there should be an option to 'star' pages within the community so that you can revisit them later.

I don't always want to 'watch' pages, and the notifications get lost within my email.  With the 'star' system, it would be an easy way to keep track of things you want to re-read or read again later.

Not sure if this is the most appropriate forum for this suggestion - happy to be pointed in a different direction if not.


Kat Marketplace Partner Sep 29, 2020

@Liam Green - this is a great place to make a suggestion for this community where it will be seen by @Monique vdB and other Atlassian Community team members.

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Kevan Lin Atlassian Team Oct 08, 2020

Thanks @Liam Green for the suggestion! I'm super curious, when you do "star" a number of pages, where would you go, in the community, to access your "starred" pages? 

When you say that you want to "keep track of things you want to re-read or read again later", would you expect these to be in any kind of order? What is the purpose of re-reading? 

If you had the ability to "star" a page, would there ever be a need to "unstar" and if so, for what reasons would you want to "unstar" a page? 

Is the main reason that you want to "star" a page is so that you don't have to worry about subsequent comments or other posts to the page via email notifications? Is there something in the email notifications that aren't suiting your needs? 


Sorry for all the questions, but I'm a designer for the community and this is the way I think :) 

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Hi @Test User KL - thanks for coming back to me, sorry for the delay in responding.  Don't worry about the number of questions - I'll do my best to answer them all now!

  • In me head, you would access the starred pages at the top, next to the activity feed.
  • I wouldn't necessarily expect any order, other than maybe 'date starred'
  • The purpose of starring would be to read things later, but not necessarily to 'watch' things.  In terms of re-reading, it would be things that are useful to you (e.g. tips on writing a good article) that you might not comment on, or would want to revisit a while later so would not easily find in you watch list.
  • I think you would always want the ability to 'unstar' a page if, for example, it has out of date information on it or is no longer relevant to your work
  • I see the star system as supplemental to, and separate from, the notification system.  The notifications work perfectly when there are changes that you need to know about, but the star system would keep your important things in one place.

Hope that helps!

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Kevan Lin Atlassian Team Oct 12, 2020

Thank you so much for the thoughtful responses to my questions. So if I'm understanding you correctly, the starred pages are only meant for important things to keep in one place but are different from the notifications and watching in that you're not concerned about the latest activity. 

Would it be necessary to delineate the difference between starred items are for "re-reading" or for "reading things later"? Or would you look at each starred item and determine for yourself what the purpose of starring that item would be?

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Hi Kevan

You're understanding is correct - I would see it as separate as it's not related to the activity.

Personally, I wouldn't see any need to differentiate between reasons for starring items, as I cannot see that there would be that many to star.  It is something that could be reviewed if needed though

Kevan Lin Atlassian Team Oct 14, 2020

Awesome, thank you so much for the attention to detail and for answering the questions so thoroughly. 

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No problem.  I look forward to my mention when you write an article about the upcoming 'starred' pages feature!


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