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New "Accepted Answer" icon



My concern is the newly introduced appearance of "Accept Answer" -> "Accepted Answer" icons. The overall idea is great - to make the signs bigger and easier to notice. And I think it works as intended.

But am I the only one who is confused by their colors?

I mean this one:


seems to me more "Accepted" (if you allow me to say so) than this one:


As for me, the latter shows some kind of uncertainty.

I think it would be better vice versa. Something like that:

Accept answer2.jpg

... I think you've got the idea.

What do you people think? 



@Grigory Salnikov I had the same feeling :)

I think so too.  The solid block of green looks like a "hey, this is good", and the outline looks more like a question "is this good?"

This is really tricky stuff.  "Accept" versus "Accepted" and outline vs solid-color.  I suspect the idea was for "Accept Answer" in an outline button was the hint to "click here!" and "Accepted Answer" in a solid block was to indicate "this is the one!"  The words may or may not be an improvement from the circle with the checkmark in it so this is good feedback to the design team.  I personally like the words in the boxes although I wonder how well it works for non-English speakers.

Kat Marketplace Partner Oct 14, 2018

The colouring above works nicely as an indicator for the author of the thread. Their action is to accept an answer.

I agree. Quick mock-up below I think the left side is more visually intuitive than the right side.


Maybe the button for AcceptED Answer just needs to read ACCEPTED? @Test User KL

t least that will visually distinguish for those of us that have bad vision and/or issues reading within different color schemes. 

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader Oct 11, 2018

If there are more than one answers, it might be a problem to see at first glance, which Accept-Button you should click. The one above or the one directly underneath the question. 


Also true - because of the current fashion to try to avoid delineation with lines, it's not too clear that the accept applies to the answer below, unless it's the first answer.

In some ways, the tick to the left was better in that sense - it clearly belonged to the answer on the same line, although people definitely missed it all the time.

Good observation.

Moreover, today I had a situation when these icons partially screened messages behind them.

Kevan Lin Atlassian Team Oct 11, 2018

What do you mean by "icons partially screened messages behind them"? The icons didn't show up?

No, icons shielded the text and it was partially unreadable.

Should I encounter this behaviour again, I'll post a screenshot.

Kevan Lin Atlassian Team Oct 11, 2018

Yes please take a screenshot next time. I'd be interested to see if I can replicate it.

Hi, @Test User KL!

It's me again.

I did some research and, as promised, am back with the results.

Today I've encountered something like this (though the icons 'shielded' even more text):



Here's the example page:

How do I pre-populate text to a description field on JIRA Cloud version 7.x?

I've also noticed this:


It happens all the time when the page is not fully loaded and lasts a couple of seconds.

A small thing but still an eye-catcher.

As an addition, I also attach examples from the mobile view (page is the same as above):


Kevan Lin Atlassian Team Oct 11, 2018

Ohhh I see. Yes we are aware of that bug. It's essentially a padding/margin error.


Kevan Lin Atlassian Team Oct 11, 2018

Thanks everyone for your feedback! We've known about the issue behind accepting an answer for quite some time and are trying to improve this experience. Obviously with every change there could also be something better, all of these comments are helping in making this experience even better - so keep them coming!

Monique vdB Community Manager Oct 12, 2018

@Grigory Salnikov great discussion, thank you for starting it!

You could always move it into the Feedback Forum for the rest of the community to weigh in as well, but I'll leave it here in case you wanted to keep it to Champions only. 

@Monique vdB, you are welcome! Glad to help :)

Yes, I'll certainly move it into the Feedback forum, where it belongs.

At first, I was unsure where to publish it.

Kat Marketplace Partner Oct 14, 2018

Dang - now I know there is a secret squirrel area I cannot see.


Monique vdB Community Manager Oct 15, 2018

@Kat you never know, you may get into the secret squirrel area one of these days. 😉

Jack Brickey Community Leader Oct 17, 2018

FWIW, here is my $0.02.

I would like to see a cleaner look w/ fewer words. I liked the simply check mark TBH but clearly it was not obvious enough. So how about this...



If we thing that including "Answer" as part of this then I would vote for only doing so on the "Accept" button. There is not value adding to "Accepted".

Another update that may be helpful.

Today I've received a notification that my answer has been accepted:


I don't know what exactly happened, but when I logged in to check and reply my answer was no longer accepted:


I tend to think that the end-user may have been confused by the outline icon and changed it back to solid green, which seems 'more accepted'.

There should be logs somewhere.

We discussed exactly this yesterday in the Community Board, and the champions pretty much all agreed that the outline/solid should be reversed so the solid green shows "accepted". 

The leads have several things they're looking at changing around the "accept" process, and this is one of them.

For what it's worth, the acceptance rate jumped by 7% when the bigger green boxes appeared.

Just a small follow-up from my experience:



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