Upcoming Enterprise releases targeting Q3 2019: Jira Software 8.5 & Jira Service Desk 4.5 Edited

Jess Atlassian Team Apr 19, 2019

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Since launching the Jira Software 8.0 and Jira Service Desk 4.0 platform releases in February, many of you have been asking when the next Enterprise release will be so you can take advantage of the massive performance improvements, batched email notifications, the Jira Software mobile beta, and more.

We recognize that it is critical for our enterprise customers to have access to Enterprise releases on the new 8.0 & 4.0 platforms. That's why we’re giving you advance notice that our next Enterprise releases are targeting Q3 2019 (calendar year) and will be Jira Software Server & Data Center 8.5 and Jira Service Desk Server & Data Center 4.5.

Should you move to the latest Enterprise releases, or wait for the upcoming one?

If you are not on the latest Enterprise releases, we recommend upgrading to Jira Software 7.13 & Jira Service Desk 3.16. As a reminder, the two-year support window for Jira 7.6 will end on November 16, 2019. 

If you work with a Technical Account Manager or Premier Support, consult your contact for a recommendation based on your environment and upgrade cadence.

Two big changes to our Enterprise release process (based on your feedback):

  1. We understand that advance notice helps you plan for upgrades, so we’re sharing the targeted 8.5 and 4.5 Enterprise releases now. 
  2. The releases will be certified from the start, so you won’t need to wait for the certified bug fix versions to upgrade. In fact, because we focus on stability and performance for Enterprise releases, there won't be any features in 8.5/4.5, so you can start testing as early as 8.4/4.4.

When is the next Confluence Enterprise release? 

The Confluence team plans to follow the same ~12 month cadence between Enterprise releases (Confluence 6.13 was released in December 2018), so you can expect to see an update about the next Confluence Enterprise release in Q4 2019. 

What can you expect from Enterprise releases? 

Enterprise releases receive additional backported bug fixes and security updates from later feature releases throughout its two-year support window. If you manage a large, complex deployment of Jira and require significant effort to upgrade, an Enterprise release ensures you can remain on the release for longer if you prefer.

You can also expect to receive additional support and documentation from the Atlassian team, including a combined change log and performance benchmarks from the prior Enterprise release. 




The forward looking roadmap is greatly appreciated.  The recent jira boards I saw with short term backlog for both server and datacenter is also nice-- might be a helpful reference to add here so we can see how you're tracking towards 8.5.

Jess Atlassian Team Apr 26, 2019

@Jeff Everett Glad to hear you're finding the new Jira boards useful, here's the link for others to reference: https://jira.atlassian.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=85890 

With the recently discovered CVE-2019-3396 security vulnerability for Confluence Server, an additional item for consideration for each software release process, would be to provide a statement that each products server releases be certified against all known security vulnerabilities by proactively performing a Security Vulnerability Assessment on each upcoming release. This is becoming an ever increasing area of interest as Enterprises are being increasingly attacked  and are becoming more vigilant regarding illegal software penetration into their servers and applications.

In addition, having to take measures to mitigate any security vulnerability impacts the planned upgrade cycle Enterprises use in planning their Atlassian Server products upgrades. As we are in the process of upgrading to Confluence Server version 6.13.4, extra effort to mitigate the above referenced CVE has delayed our ability to meet our originally planned upgrade to this Enterprise Release.

Knowing that all Atlassian product releases are tested for security vulnerabilities before they are made available will give all Atlassian customers greater confidence that the Atlassian products we deploy have been certified by approved Security Vulnerability Assessment methods.

Ada Chen Atlassian Team May 15, 2019

Hi @Joseph Pursel ,

Thanks for the feedback. While adding a security vulnerability assessment to our release process would address known vulnerabilities at the time of release, this information would be out of date as soon as a new security bug was discovered. Security vulnerabilities are a moving target and we believe its more valuable to put our effort into a robust detect, fix and prevent process.

Our teams run numerous proactive security activities, including our Bugcrowd program and automatic security scans. When a vulnerability is found, we assess its potential impact and respond according to our SLAs (see details here). For a critical vulnerability, we work on issuing a new bug fix release as soon as possible and we encourage all customers to stay on the latest bug fix release for the version of the product you are using.

It is unfortunate that the timing of CVE-2019-3396 interrupted your upgrade process and we are sorry about the impact on your team’s upgrade plans. We know that planning and executing an upgrade can be time-intensive, which is why we will continue to be proactive with our communications, like this Community post.



Can you please add support fot PostGres 10.xx


We have upgraded to PG10.x and don't want to rollback , waiting for PG10 to be supported. 


PG 9.xx is already very very old.





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