Topic Tuesday: Is your Jira instance Small, Medium, Large, or XLarge? Edited

ddomingo Atlassian Team Dec 02, 2018

In a previous post from October, we presented some key Jira statistics on the size and scale of some of our biggest customers. Knowing your instance's size is important–it helps Atlassian Technical Account Managers and support engineers better tailor their configuration and environment recommendations. It also helps you estimate your instance's growth, and better prepare for it.

To help you estimate your instance's size, we narrowed down the most useful metrics to do so. Next, we created a set of profiles (or size tiers) for those metrics, ranging from Small to XLarge. Each metric's profiles is based on a wide range of Server and Data Center customer case studies, covering instances of varying infrastructure sizes and configurations.

Head over to Jira Data Center size profiles to learn how big YOUR Jira instance is. What are some tips and tricks you have for sizing your instance ?

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