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What we (still) miss in Atlassian products for enterprise deployments?

PJ Wysota
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January 29, 2019

Hello there,

It hits me from time to time, when talking to customers, other Atlassian experts, that though our big Bro here does a lot towards Enterprise applications, there is still a long wish-list.  What do You miss the most in Atlassian offering?

For me - the top 3 most expected would be:
- cross-region DC solutions for JIRA, Confluence (Bitbucket too, but there You can run a prothesis based on Smart Mirrors), limiting time relays between different geographical locations

- multi domain support for users repositories based on AD trust services

- sort of "regional roles and permissions" related to geographical locations/domains (you can override it with specific configs, but I miss system solution)


How about You?



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Pavel Boev January 29, 2019

+1 for cross-region DC for Jira and Confluence.

And +1 for some sort of "domain admin role", which will be able to modify workflows and screens in the "domain" (a group of projects), will be able to modify group membership, but will not be able to install add-ons or change system settings (e.g log, mail, etc.)

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Jeanyhwh Desulme January 31, 2019

We have a couple items in mind such as multi region and active/active support for Bamboo, JIRA, Confluence, and Bitbucket. This is very much needed since we run our all of these applications in AWS and a pillar of AWS's well architected application is resiliency to interruption of an AZ. 

* At this time Bamboo is the only product that the doesn't even have a Datacenter offering. Given it's criticality to our platform this is one of our top requests. 

* Bamboo SAML Single Sign On support, Better pipelines as code support using YAML related to custom plugins 

* Bamboo agents that are spun up within a Docker ECS or Kubernetes cluster that's a first class citizen that's natively built in and not the current the open source project 

* AWS RDS support for Aurora based instances so that we can take advantage of autoscaling storage

* Reducing the reliance of sticky sessions and make it a more truer cloud native application

* S3 Storage backing, Possibly implement elastic search for JIRA similar to Bitbucket 

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George de los Santos May 1, 2019

My company was recently acquired by another larger Enterprise which was already running Confluence. Talk about multiple domain and the need to recognize a "domain admin role" is fundamental. Regional roles and permissions would be the second area of needed support. Come on team! Confluence and Service Desk is growing faster than your ability to support, dev and release! Give some thought as I'm sure that I'm not the only one in this situation. 

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