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Boris MBOUMEHANG Apr 08, 2019

My name is Boris MBOUMEHANG, and I am a cloud solution's integrator. In fact, I participate since few months now To projects including the integration of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions in technical and non technical teams.
Atlassian products are part of these products, so that's why I am very interested in educational subjects including them.
Hope to discuss with you guys very soon.

Kind regards

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Ariel Villalobos I'm New Here Apr 18, 2019

Hi,  did you tried with Trello?


greeting from Chile.

Boris MBOUMEHANG Apr 19, 2019

Hi Ariel, 

I have tried Trello outside the scope of my project, and it seems to be a pretty cool tool for project management. But, when I used it, I found it was a little bit complicated because the Kanban dashboard was not built-in. You had to manually create lists corresponding to "In progress" or "Done" state for example, so that cards could be moved from one to another. 

That's why I decided to move to Taiga at that moment (since it was for a personal use and I did not want to pay for a tool). 

But now, I use Jira Software which has built-in Kanban dashboards. 

Hope I answered your question :)

Grettings from France.

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