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The Developer's Edge | Guardrails and Governance with Config Policies on CircleCI


Welcome to the Developer's Edge video series. This series looks at Atlassian products and partner integrations through a developer lens, showing how an integrated toolchain can improve the developer experience while increasing productivity.


Guardrails and Governance with Config Policies on CircleCI

As a developer, I welcome any tool that makes it easier to do the right things and harder to do the wrong things. This is especially true when doing the wrong things can cause customer problems. I don't want to be responsible for losing customer data because a CI/CD pipeline I built was missing crucial steps.

In today's video, we will cover Config Policies on CircleCI. With Config Policies, you can dictate what actions must or must not be in your CircleCI configuration. This allows you to have guardrails and governance over what happens on your CI/CD system.



Resources to get you going 

Check out the entire Developer's Edge video series here. Learn more about Bitbucket here. Learn more about CircleCI here.


About your instructor

Warren is a former developer turned technical evangelist who joined Atlassian in 2021. He has a passion for technology and a research background in machine learning. Warren tries to escape from his desk outside of work and has developed a passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Let me know if you have any questions in the comments! 

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