Plug into Jira: Improve your developer experience with automations


Add a status update. Then an attachment. Put a comment in letting others know about that tricky process. To coordinate efforts efficiently everyone needs to be able to understand where work is in the pipeline.

But keeping your team’s work organized is no small feat. That’s why we’ve added automations to Jira Software. With automation, developers can stay focused on coding and while Jira operates in the background.

You can start putting together automations right away but the most powerful automations become available when you integrate your tools. This lets you update work based on actions in your other tools. Forget all those manual, error-prone tasks, Jira Software will automatically keep everything up to date for you.


Setting an automation up in Jira Software is easy. It starts with a trigger that kicks off an automation (there’s even a set of ‘DevOps’ triggers). From there you can add in ‘IF’ conditions on your way to defining the action that you want Jira to execute. That’s it. Now let’s take a look at how to use automations for software development! 

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Capture your work

Start automations from within your existing processes. When work happens in your SCM and CI/CD you can set a trigger for your automation rule. Whether it’s a created commit, merged pull request, or successful deployment, you can coordinate these events with actions in Jira and your other tools. This allows developers to just code. They don’t have to remember to update Jira or disrupt their workflow. That’s how you make devs happy. 


Coordinate efforts

Moving work efficiently from one step to the next requires a robust source of truth. It enables the next person to pick up the work with the context they need to get going quickly. Automation builds this coordination into your workflows. Use SCM and CI/CD events to update Jira, link a vulnerability, create a feature flag, and more.


Cut out developer friction

Each time a developer needs to go into Jira to update an issue is a switch of context from their development work. And it takes time to get back into your work after a distraction. These manual processes put a happiness tax on developers. Friction points lead to frustrations that build up throughout a developers day. Start building automations that move work through your processes powered by your integrations and see your developers smile with every time it runs.

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Have you tried Jira Software automations? Visit the template gallery to help you get going quickly. If you’re looking for more detail on using automations in our guide or YouTube playlist. Let us know if you have any questions or favorite automations!


Prasad Kalamkar August 22, 2023

Very Informative. Would help a lot

Beatrix Ducz August 24, 2023

Hi, can you please change the settings of emails, so that I don't get a new email every time someone edits an article? I don't want to unsub, but it is too much, and if the only solution is to unsub, then I will have to. Thank you.

Kara Hopkins August 25, 2023

I wish Atlassian would prioritise this ticket as we still can't use automation to differentiate between a draft PR and an open PR. This means we can currently only support one column on our sprint board which is 'PR Open' but actually means that the PR is either in draft or is open.

We can't easily identify if there's a blockage in the pipeline caused by someone having a PR in draft for ages or code review for ages.

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Josh Frank
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
August 25, 2023

@Beatrix Ducz I believe you can update by doing the following Manage Settings > Notifications > Settings and turning off "Edits made to posts in collections I'm watching" - hope that helps! 

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Josh Frank
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
August 25, 2023

Thanks for the feedback @Kara HopkinsI will pass that along to the appropriate team. 

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Sankalp Dubey August 26, 2023

Good Insights related to Jira Automations.

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marcowells August 29, 2023

Thank you

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Aron Gombas _Midori_
Community Leader
Community Leader
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August 30, 2023

Are the automation components (triggers and actions) shown in the article available for Jira Data Center, Bitbucket Data Center as well?

Shinde_ Mukund September 14, 2023

Informative thread

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