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How Atlassian delivers Domino's technology (and pizza)


What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says the word, “Dominos?” For most, it’s pizza. For some, it’s a game involving rectangular tiles. After this Community Showcase, my hope is that at least a handful of people will also ponder the technical prowess of this e-commerce giant...with a slice of pepperoni in hand, of course. 

So how did Dominos drive close to $6 Billion in digital sales in 2016 alone? The answer is online. Dominos plays to the expectations of our digital age by making their product easily available, on-demand via their phone apps, Facebook, Twitter, Alexa, the Domino's website, and more. 

But Domino's sales figures aren't the point of this Showcase. We're more interested (of course) in the role that Atlassian products played in securing their spot in the Pizza Hall of Fame


DevOps best practices to get innovations into the hands of consumers and its people. Ensuring technology security used to be a speed bump in the DevOps workflow, with developers bringing security input into projects too late in the process.

Michael Sheppard, a senior application security engineer at Domino’s, explains: “Security can be viewed as an impediment to progress when there are barriers to collaboration between developers and security. It took hours of meetings just to determine security requirements on projects. We needed to find a faster, easier way to participate in DevOps.”

The security team looked at the tools the DevOps team used to drive its workflow. To create and share specifications, they relied on Confluence. And they used JIRA Software to track and manage tickets and tasks. A lightbulb went off: the security team realized that they could use those Atlassian tools to connect with developers and streamline the DevOps process.

Marketplace apps

“In a sense, the apps we found in the Atlassian Marketplace are helping us deliver more pizza faster than ever before.” Michael Sheppard, senior application security engineer, Domino’s. Below are the main apps that Dominos used to get security, engineering, and leadership on the same page:

Forty8Fifty Labs: An Atlassian partner that built Dominos an app to create a 10-question Confluence form that generated Jira tickets based on answers. This app helped streamline the process of developers submitting security information to the security team earlier in their flow. 

“With our Atlassian app, we were able to automate a unique workflow and break down barriers between security and development,” he adds. “That kind of automation is a key driver of efficiency in today’s software-centric world.”

Splunk: Software used to present big-picture insights into engineering processes to leadership and decision makers within the company.

Splunk Add-On for Jira: Used to bring Jira security data into its Splunk ITSI dashboards to more readily identify and address trends they see across many Jira projects.

“Thanks to the app we found in the Atlassian Marketplace, we’re able to pull security requirements data from Jira and display it in Splunk ITSI,” says Sheppard. Our metrics dashboard tracks 10 key indicators. We can visualize the kinds of security tickets we’re generating in JIRA and look for opportunities to close them more quickly."


Omprakash January 10, 2018

Ok nice

shivamdu February 12, 2018

Great to know behind the scenes of Dominos...Being a key  member in a DevOps model this really motivates.

Daniel Eads _unmonitored account_
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April 3, 2018

Mike presented at Summit 2017 - you can check out a recording of his talk on the Summit site. I liked it so much that I had him present for two local Atlassian User Groups!

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LeKisha Boswell April 20, 2018

Remember this presentation at summit - thanks for sharing!

Priyanka Ghongade December 27, 2018

Thanks for sharing

deayrs April 22, 2019

Excellent business overview!

M Umair July 7, 2023

informative article. but how it is possible that that Atlassian deliver the dominos pizza

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