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Hear from Atlassian Senior Product Manager for Jira DevOps at GitKon 2022

Senior Product Manager on the Jira DevOps team at Atlassian, Andrew Pankevicius, is a featured speaker at GitKon 2022, hosted by GitKraken. 

The event is virtual, free to attend, and will take place Oct 11-13, 2022. Anyone who is interested in attending can register for free at

Andrew’s session, DevOps at Scale: What it Really Looks Like to Scale Your Product Org from 1 to 100 People, will guide attendees through critical milestones of growth, from DevSecOps as a foundational concept on day one, to cross-functional release orchestration and DevOps toolchain management, all while scaling a development team. 

Andrew Pankevicius - GitKon 2022 - Speaker Announcement Slides.png

“As organizations scale, they quickly realize that it’s not just about hiring,” explains Andrew. “It’s actually more about how your team’s development practices and tools pivot, scale, and meet increasing needs.” 

Andrew is an experienced product leader who has been fortunate to run large cross-functional teams, been involved in raising capital multiple times, and has built SaaS products across Australia, San Francisco, and Southeast Asia. At Atlassian, Andrew is responsible for bringing Jira Software's new DevSecOps & release management solutions to market.


More DevOps Sessions at GitKon 

In addition to Andrew’s session, there are several other expert speakers who will be sharing their thoughts on DevOps at GitKon 2022, covering topics like continuous integration and delivery, GitOps, GitHub Pages, artificial intelligence, DORA metrics, custom packages, and more. 

Rizel Scarlett, developer advocate at GitHub, will walk attendees through a simpler process for publishing and deploying a website, and managing CI/CD, using Visual Studio Code and GitHub pages. 

Eran Yahav, CTO and co-founder at Tabnine, will teach best practices for using AI tools and training custom models to unlock more information in codebases.  

Peter Pezaris, SVP of strategy and experience at New Relic, will talk about a better way forward for DevOps that enables improved experience and results. 

Hezheng Yin, CTO and co-founder at Merico, will demonstrate a fast and practical approach to implementing DORA metrics in 15 minutes or less. 

DJ Schleen, security architect at Yahoo!, will introduce attendees to local action pipelines, Git hooks, and how to use both to break commits to address security build, and quality issues before code reaches a remote. 

Adam Culp, senior principal software architect at Learning A-Z, will show how to make deployments easier by creating packages on GitHub to be later consumed with common package and dependency managers. 

Harsh Bardhan Mishra, engineer at LocalStack, will show how teams can cut costs and release more confidently by building automated continuous integration workflows. 

Nitish Garg, staff software engineer at Oscar Health, will give advice for addressing three major challenges associated with using continuous integration with large monorepos in Git. 


Increase Your DevOps Knowledge at GitKon


GitKon 2022 includes 36 sessions featuring 39 skilled speakers from companies like Atlassian, GitHub, Microsoft and VS Code, GitLab, Amazon, GitKraken, Drupal and Acquia, and more. 

This year’s event will cover three days from Oct 11-13, and each day will include a DevOps-related session. 

Register to attend for free at

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