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Feature Flagging: Why and how to use them in Open DevOps

Hey Community! We’re kicking off the first week in our Open DevOps partner spotlight. smile

First up: feature flagging - the practice of using if-statements in your code base to turn features on or off. For Open DevOps, we’re excited to partner with Split and LaunchDarkly to make feature-flagging easily accessible to Jira Software users.



More about Split and Launch Darkly

Split builds on feature flags to create the platform for controlled rollouts, so any team can target customers and release or revert new features without a deployment—or touching code. 

LaunchDarkly is a continuous delivery platform that provides feature flags as a service and allows developers to iterate quickly and safely.

Here’s to testing and measuring your releases with confidence! As always, share any questions or feedback in your comments below. And see all of the integrations with Open DevOps here.


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