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Developers, save time and know what to work on next with work suggestions in Jira!

Work suggestions is now generally available for all Jira Cloud customers

It has never been harder to stay focused on what matters most. Confronted by the sprawl of tools and communication channels, all calling for attention, developers face an epic challenge of punching through the noise in their attempt to do impactful work that helps their teams and products move forward.

We are excited to announce that work suggestions is now generally available for all Jira Cloud customers.


What are work suggestions?

As you navigate through several tasks during your work day, it can be challenging to know what to work on next. It’s especially easy to lose sight of ad-hoc tasks, such as reviewing pull request reviews or resolving critical vulnerabilities, when managed with several tools in your toolchain.

Work suggestions makes finding the next best task simple by surfacing recommendations for the most effective actions to take, right inside Jira. This helps dev teams overcome obstacles, eliminate bottlenecks, and turbocharge their pace of delivery.

The automated task recommendations provided by Jira work suggestions are generated from across multiple connected tools to help you decide which task will help progress the work of your team. These suggestions are contextual, timely, and actionable so you and your team can keep momentum in your day-to-day work. You can see information about the task at a glance making it easy for you to plan your work and stay ahead of what needs to be done.

Work suggestions are available on scrum and kanban boards in Jira.

How can my team and I benefit from work suggestions?

Address PRs early to keep your team moving

Nobody likes to hold up their team. That's why addressing pull requests (PR) promptly is so important. This typically involves sifting through issues or searching your source code management (SCM) tool. Not only is this process time-consuming but there's also a risk of overlooking something as you dig through the data. Work suggestions provide a clear view of the PRs that need your attention, enabling you to progress work without the need for extensive research. Work suggestions will surface pull requests that have you added as a reviewer and pull requests with requested changes to work on connected to issues on your board.

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Immediately see when builds and deployments fail

You might be relying on automation set up to notify you about a build or deployment failures, or perhaps you depend on updates from your teammates. But why not let Jira take care of it? Let Work suggestions bring failed deployments and failed builds to your attention. It's your shortcut to greater efficiency and faster deployment cycle time.

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Shift security left, without compromise

Security is a crucial aspect of creating top-notch software. Yet identifying the most recent critical vulnerability can practically be a project on its own. Say no to wasted time. Work suggestions ensure you are aware of critical vulnerabilities associated with issues in your sprint. Regardless of the tool it originated from, Jira has it covered.

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Unblock your team and hit goals faster

Do you know those blocking issues that sneak up and slow down your teammates' work? Let’s face it - managing dependencies is hard. If only it was easier to spot when your work is blocking the progress of your teammate! Work suggestions surfaces stale blocking issues so you can tackle them head-on, keeping the workflow smooth and the team happy. It's like a secret weapon to get those roadblocks out of the way for better teamwork and successful projects.

How do I take advantage of work suggestions?

Work suggestions are enabled by default. Head to your Jira board and select your avatar. When Jira has custom work suggestions for you, you’ll see the work suggestions panel on your board.

You can take immediate action based on the suggestion, snooze it until later, or remove it from the list if it’s not relevant to you. You’re completely in control to decide the priority of the tasks recommended to you.

Work suggestions panel on Jira board.png

Most important — the suggestions you see are customised for you and you only. They won’t be visible to other team members or admins.

Learn more about work suggestions in Jira in this help article.

Share your feedback!

Hi! I’m Nat, the product manager for Work Suggestions in Jira. We are thrilled to bring you this new feature that we believe will benefit you and your whole team.


We can’t wait to hear what you think - please share your feedback with us by selecting Give feedback at the bottom of the Work suggestions panel on your Jira board. Your feedback helps us to improve work suggestions and shape our future roadmap.

Have questions or feedback, or want to learn more about work suggestions? Just schedule a meeting with me!

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