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DevOps Anywhere, Anytime: Integrate Bitbucket Cloud With the Jira Cloud app

Hands up if you’d rather spend more time shipping great stuff, and less time waiting for status updates? Who’d like an accelerated DevOps lifecycle, streamlined across all of your devices? (I’ll assume your hand is flailing wildly like one of those wacky inflatable tube people.)


Bitbucket & Jira: Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate Bitbucket with the Jira Cloud app, and spend more time getting sh*t done and less time waiting for long-winded collaboration processes to creep by. With Jira connected to Bitbucket, you have a single source of truth. And you can have it across mobile (iOS and Android), iPad (Android tablet coming soon), and mac.




Jira provides one platform to track your software releases, without the need to wait for teammates to respond to status requests. (And – added bonus – with it on your mobile or iPad, you can do it from anywhere. Comfy couch, anyone?)

(Wouldn’t it be great to be able to track as well as plan, approve PRs, and release your software from one single tool?! Coming soon… Stay tuned!)


Faster, clearer, simpler DevOps

A faster DevOps lifecycle (the relationship and end-to-end journey between software development and IT operations) enables greater project visibility and smoother collaboration across teams. Sounds good, right?

By connecting Jira to Bitbucket, you can:

  1. Gain status updates faster: Visibility across the development lifecycle is maximized; within Jira, view critical development info – branches, commits, pull requests – instantly, without tool-switching.

  2. Collaborate more effectively: As your team’s single source of truth, Jira enables faster response times, decreased lead times, and instant status updates.

  3. Deploy smarter: Accelerated status updates and smoother collaboration between teams (with the release hub acting as your team’s single source of truth) means gaining knowledge of overall progress is easier, and you can ultimately ship code with greater confidence.



Testers, unite

Testing pre-release versions of software is faster and easier when project status updates are instant. Learn where your fix-requests are up to via Jira, and re-test as soon as you need to.


Developers, accelerate

Receive updates on your build status in Jira. By opening a single Jira issue, view critical development info – branches, commits, pull requests – instantly, and respond to issue comments faster.



Project managers, celebrate

Stay up-to-date with exactly what’s being released and when. At a glance, track development projects on Jira’s board or backlog. (And with the app on your mobile, you can do it in the palm of your hand.) Giving spontaneous updates to stakeholders has never been easier. (Who doesn’t love a spontaneous status request?)


Release managers, get excited

Knowing what’s ready for release (and what’s not going to make it) and communicating that information to key stakeholders can be a whole lot easier when all critical info is located in one place. It can all be right there in Jira, ready for you.


image 4.png

This integration between Bitbucket and Jira is all about clearer development-lifecycle visibility, and simpler collaboration across teams – as well as across all of your devices.


And that’s not all, folks…

A sneak peek of what we’re working on:

  • Viewing dev info within issues is only the first step. Soon, you’ll also be able to open links directly from Jira issues with one click, taking you straight to the relevant Bitbucket pages where you can interact with your PRs, builds, branches, and commits.

Taking software ideas from dream to deployment can be a whole lot faster when your DevOps flow is streamlined. Integrate with Jira now on your mobile, tablet, and mac.


Rohith Basavarajappa June 26, 2020

Nice on Rayen. One thing that worth mentioning here is 'comments in every commit' by each and every developers. Without this, integration might be incomplete!!
Also, I always let the people know about this- a Scrum master should never go beyond JIRA (as his life starts & ends in JIRA), a Developer should never go beyond Bitbucket, and an Service Delivery Manager shouldn't go beyond JIRA SD. If this is logically understood & religiously followed, DevOps can be anywhere, anytime and by anyone!!!

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Rayen Magpantay
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
June 28, 2020

@Rohith Basavarajappa thanks for the feedback.

Do you mean you wanted to see each commit done by the developer or the developer comments on the commit? If you have a screenshot of what you want to see, that'd help us a lot. 

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