Compass components in Jira Software?

Atlassian’s new product, Compass, is designed to enhance developer productivity by facilitating better organization and tracking of software components. In this post Katie, a product manager, introduces Compass components, a feature now available in Jira Software projects.

Compass components allow teams to tag Jira Software issues, providing insights into the team’s work. They offer metrics and scorecards to gauge the impact of development efforts, aiding informed decision-making. These components complement existing Jira components and can be enabled or disabled by Project Admins.

The Compass component catalog is free for all Atlassian Cloud users, so all Jira Software users on company-managed projects can benefit from Compass components, even if they aren’t already a Compass user.

Compass users are categorized into basic and full users, each with varying access levels. Basic users can create components and access basic Compass features, while full users enjoy comprehensive functionality.

The implementation of Compass components is seamless, with existing Jira component data preserved. New Jira Software projects will have Compass components enabled by default, but users can opt out if preferred. Access to Compass components requires provisioning Compass on the site.

The user interface for Compass components is intuitive, with project administrators having control over toggling between Compass and Jira components. However, some known issues such as limitations in Automation and visibility for sites with over 30k Jira projects are being addressed.

Upcoming improvements include site-wide toggles for Compass components, enhanced linking between components and projects, and the ability to import existing Jira components into Compass.

And now, a final open question:

As Compass components integrate seamlessly with Jira Software to enhance team productivity and decision-making, how might your team leverage this feature to streamline development processes and drive impactful outcomes in your projects?

Leave your answer in the comments! Thank you!

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Phill Pafford February 12, 2024

Is there a bulk update to move from components to compass components?

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Thayne Munson February 12, 2024

I use Components in my Jira project to help drive reporting and metrics for my team.  I am interested in how the Compass components will integrate with the existing Jira project components, if any.  I assume the Compass components are designed to be defined and used at a higher level of reporting and metrics at the organization level.  I appreciate any thoughts on this subject.  Thanks Thayne J

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Raul Pelaez _TecnoFor - Marketplace Partner_
Marketplace Partner
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February 13, 2024

Hello @Phill Pafford , yes we have tested and you can do bulk edit Issues and update components to replace the old ones by the new Compass Components

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Andrés Uriarte Sánchez February 13, 2024

An excellent post and very useful for teams working with a microservices architecture. Compass is the perfect tool to navigate the complexity of distributed systems. And it also allows us to manage dependencies and orchestrate the deployment of features that depend on several services. We are already using it!

Phill Pafford February 13, 2024

With the old `Components` you had a `Component Lead` and `Default Assignee` is this something that will also be added to the `Compass Components`?

Andrés Uriarte Sánchez February 14, 2024

Hi @Phill Pafford 

At the moment the functionality you describe is not in Compass components and in the short term I don't think it will be, because the concept of component is different.

Jira components only exist in the project where they have been created and they can not be reused in other projects while Compass components can be used throughout many projects, this makes the assignment permissions in each project collide and if you put a person as responsible should be assignable in all those projects.

I have asked your question to the Compass development team to see if it would be possible to add this feature in the new Compass components within Jira. When I know more I will let you know here.

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