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Proper use of fixVersion with multiple teams on one project

Warren Wright December 13, 2018

Hey Folks,


I read a lot of discussions around how to set up agile boards for multiple teams in one JIRA project, but there isn't much real discussion of fixVersion out there, and it's very important (we are starting to use Portfolio now too - which makes even more use of versions).


Our situation:

  • 8 teams
  • One big JIRA project representing our core SaaS offering
  • Each team has a separate agile board as normal
  • We only assign tickets a fixVersion when we are sure it is going out (already in our release branch, awaiting the next prod release), right now.
    • This doesn't allow us to use fixVersion for planning
    • We can't make sue of the Versions Report burnup to track progress towards release of a feature a team is working on
    • We can't fully uitilize Portfolio's planning features

What is the best practice around use of fixVersion for this setup, if there is one?

What I'd like:

  • Each team sets up a fixVersion for each major feature they are working on and puts all needed cards onto that fixVersion so we can fully plan and utilize the Verisons Report
  • fixVersion naming would be something specific to the feature being released... maybe with YYYY-MM-DD prefix for the target release date, though that seems redundant and would have to be changed sometimes?

Potential problems with what I'd like:

  • Right now our use of fixVersion very cleanly ties every issue in JIRA to the exact release date it goes to production, both in JIRA and in our git tag, etc.
  • Is it even a good practice to have teams creating randomly named fixVersions that map to a feature they are working, or should fixVersion be tied to a particular production release only, in which case it would need to be something that spans all teams, as all teams might (usually do) have code going out in the release.

Bonus question:

  • If we did figure out how to have fixVersion nicely correspond to a particular feature rollout for a particular team, how do we handle when pieces of that feature go out early (DB schema changes, code feature toggled off, etc)? Do we make use of the fact you can have multiple fixVersions on a single ticket?



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