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Enable SAML in Jira Datacenter


I have Confluence Data Center, and setup was extremely easy for SAML on vesion 6.4.2.  I am now in the middle of upgrading Jira DC to 7.5.2, and do not find the option for SAML setup.  


Followed this article with no help as there is no SAML Authentication menu under System.

What am i missing?

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Hi Brian,

  • What add-on are you using for SAML?

I installed the SAML Single Sign On for JIRA. add on and did not see the option as described in the knowledge base either, however, if you go to Manage Add-ons you may see a Configuration option there such as in this screenshot:

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 12.31.38 PM.png

Let me know if that helps.



Hey Brenden, 

I guess that is the problem, I did not purchase an add on from another vendor as the product in the link I listed mentioned that SAML is part of any Atlassian Data Center product. (that is they way I read it at least).  Is this not the case?

Howdy Brian,

You're correct about it being native to the latest version and it's present as a System Add-on:

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 1.02.45 PM.png

As of 7.3.x this should be native so I don't believe you need to purchase an add-on at this time. 

I had to install the newest version to verify but here's where I found the configuration:

> System > Security > SAML Authentication

Additionally you can use the "g+g" shortcut option and type in SAML and it will take you to the SAML Configuration page:

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 1.00.04 PM.png

Hopefully this helps.



Wonderful, Thank you Branden!

No worries.  I hope that helped you get to the right location and I'll see if I can get our documentation updated as well. 

Thanks for bringing this up.




I Have kind of a similar Problem i have a new Jira Server installed (7.11.2) also The Plugin you suggest is installed by default but there is no Menu Entry for SAML nor does the search deliver a result when i search for SAML. Any Idea what maybe wrong here?

kind Regards


Andy Heinzer Atlassian Team Feb 19, 2019

@Pascal Laier That particular plugin is only available in Jira data center.   Jira Server can't utilize the functions of this particular plugin at this time.   More details on the support of this plugin are in SAML single sign-on for Atlassian Data Center applications.

I have Atlassian Jira Software 7.13.5 Data Center and I cant find the SAML authentication.

The system add-on "SAML for Atlassian Data Center" is installed and 17 of 17 modules is active. But I cant find the menu in the system settings or using the global shortcuts.

Andy Heinzer Atlassian Team Sep 13, 2019

Hi Kenneth,

In Jira Data Center you can go to  > System > SSO 2.0 Authentication in order to configure this in Jira Data center.  This has been updated in the guide

I hope this helps.


Hi Andy,

Unfortunately I can't find SSO either, altough I can find it in another Jira Server installation. Weird.

Should I create a support ticket?

Andy Heinzer Atlassian Team Sep 13, 2019

By all means, Data Center admins can create support cases directly in You will need to known your SEN number to be able to create this support case in the technical support queue.

I actually found it (two minutes after creating a ticket ).

It was hidden under "HelpCenter Corrector Settings".
This must be some kind of bug?

Screenshot from 2019-09-13 22-51-40.png

Andy Heinzer Atlassian Team Sep 13, 2019

Hi Kenneth,

That page is not Atlassian's SAML plugin that is included with Jira Data Center. Instead it looks like that is a page provide by a different plugin called HelpCenter Corrector.

A Jira Data Center instance should be able to visit the URL /plugins/servlet/authentication-config as an alternative way to reach the Atlassian SAML Configuration page.   

Atlernatively, you can try to use the keyboard shortcut of g + g and then search for SSO, you should be able to find that page this way as well provided you are a Jira System Admin.


Altough we have the HelpCenter Corrector plugin installed, the menu pictured links to /plugins/servlet/authentication-config

See url in this picture and the selected menu item.
This must be a bug?

Screenshot from 2019-09-13 23-13-31.png

Andy Heinzer Atlassian Team Sep 13, 2019

Very strange, let me try to investigate here a bit further.  Might be that this plugin is overwriting/conflicting with a system plugin in an unexpected way.  Mine doesn't look like that, but I also don't have that other plugin in my instance. 

Andy Heinzer Atlassian Team Sep 13, 2019

I have not been able to replicate this problem so far.  Tried in both a Jira 8.4.0 and a 7.13.6, I installed that specific plugin (HelpCorrector) to both instances.   In both cases I applied a data center license, which always includes the SAML/SSO plugin that is native to Data Center, but neither version seems to have that same behavior you have displayed here.

Furthermore, when I search g + g for 'HelpCorrector' I find that the search result takes me to   /plugins/servlet/hc-corrector/config

I am not sure how to account for the behavior you have reported here.  It kinda feels like a bug, but until we can actually document the exact steps needed to replicate this, I'm hesitant to actually create a bug ticket for this problem.

You might try to stop Jira, clear out the plugin caches on your Jira nodes to see if this might make a difference here.

  1. Stop the JIRA instance
  2. Delete $JIRAHOME/plugins/.bundled-plugins and $JIRAHOME/plugins/.osgi-plugins (just these two folders)
  3. Restart JIRA

Hi Andy,

I updated the Helpcenter corrector plugin and this resolved the issue.

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