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Hi all, 

My name is Martin Ben and I am a Product Manager working for Atlassian on Jira Service Management Data Center.

I would love to interview you about your experience with Assets in JSM DC and, in particular, the Assets Object Graph. This is to investigate any problem/ friction areas within the product from a customer’s perspective so we can continue making meaningful improvements. There will of course be time for you to bring up any other areas you would like. 

If this is something you would like to participate in please sign up via this link: https://www.userinterviews.com/projects/ypwTIvpyzA/apply

Otherwise, feel free to discuss below the ways in which you currently use the object graph view and how you would like to see it meaningfully improved.

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Morten Stensgaard March 12, 2024

@Martin Ben Do you have similar interview initiatives for Assets Automations?

Because this core component is becoming really legacy and should be upgrader or even better decommed and replaced by A4J. (what Atlassian have done in Cloud already).

When it comes to the Object Graph, here are 3 inputs from my side:

  1. "Visualize Object count" setting does not seem to do anything than draw a purple circle on the Objects - Why not show an actual counter?
  2. Why not make the Objects Clickable? Or show the objects as list on the side menu?
  3. The References could be visualized with naming, when hovering over the mouse(or clicking them)
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