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Bitbucket 8.0 is here!

Hello Community,

I’m excited to share that we have released Bitbucket Server and Data Center 8.0. Our newest Bitbucket platform release focuses on performance and reliability, ensuring that Bitbucket remains performant and stable as it scales with your organization. Platform releases drive significant value as they allow us to include multiple backward-incompatible changes which establish a foundation for continuous improvement in future releases. Read on to explore the three key benefits of Bitbucket 8.0: better performance and resilience, decluttering, and an optimized diff view experience. And don’t forget to read the release notes for an even more detailed overview of the release.


1. Better performance and resilience with Bitbucket Mesh

We heard from many customers who felt that Git performance decreased after upgrading from Server to Data Center. Therefore, Mesh in Bitbucket 8.0 will bring distributed Git storage to Bitbucket for increased performance and high availability of repositories.

In short, Mesh is a distributed, replicated, horizontally scalable, Git storage system.

Traditionally, Bitbucket Data Center has hosted Git on a shared file system (NFS), which often becomes a performance bottleneck. Bitbucket Mesh allows users to move Git repositories from the shared file system run by NFS to external Mesh nodes. This new architecture brings Git processing and storage closer together, which improves Git performance, increases resilience, and allows Git to be horizontally scaled.

Before 8.0 with NFS 


After 8.0 with Mesh



2. Decluttering with Repository archiving

Over time, Bitbucket instances accumulate old repositories that often cannot be deleted for security and compliance reasons. These old repositories clutter search results and slow down instances.

The new ability to archive old repositories switches these repositories to read-only mode, filters them from the repositories list, and excludes them from code search results. This allows your instance to stay performant at scale while remaining secure. Additionally, archiving can act as a “safety net” by preventing accidental or intentional loss of IP by preventing deletion and instead allowing users to archive repositories when they’re no longer needed.


3. Optimized diff views

Moving to Bitbucket 8.0 also offers an optimized diff view experience. Back in Bitbucket 7.0, we upgraded the pull request diff view. However, commit diffs, branch compares, and the create pull request screen continued to use the old view. Given the positive feedback of the new diff view from 7.0, we have now updated all diff views for 8.0 to the new format for a smoother, more consistent developer experience.

We know many of you are excited to upgrade to the 8.x platform, and I encourage you to stay tuned as we communicate details about our next Long-Term Support (LTS) for Bitbucket later this year.

Until then, if you have comments, questions, or use cases please share them below. Remember to use the issue tracker to suggest new features and upvote existing ones. Your feedback is valuable and helps us to prioritize future investments. Thanks for your patience and trust!

To find out more about Bitbucket 8.0, check out the release notes.



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markgillespien May 19, 2022

It's telling me my database won't be supported if I upgrade to Bitbucket Server 8.0

I'm running Postgres 12.10, specifically:

 /usr/lib/postgresql/12/bin/postgres -V
postgres (PostgreSQL) 12.10 (Ubuntu 12.10-0ubuntu0.20.04.1)


Bitbucket 8.0 documentation suggests Postgres 10-14 are all good..   What's going on?  Can I trust what the upgrade advisor is telling me?

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Sam Power
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
May 19, 2022

Hi Mark, Postgres 12 is certainly supported in 8.0. There may be an issue where your instance is relying on some cached data because of a blocked outbound connection? If you continue to experience issues I suggest reaching out with a support query.

Per Åge Sørvik August 5, 2022

I've got the same problem with BitBucket telling me that my database won't be supported if upgrading to 8. Using Postgres 10.5.

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