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Crowd service not working

Dave Mattinson December 2, 2020

I installed Crowd 4.2.2 using Java 11, which seemed to work fine.  I set it as a service with

service install crowd

that seemed to work and I added a few local users, which appeared OK.  After the following reboot the service failed to start and the only item in the event log failure is "Invalid argument" and nothing is updated in any of the logs (no indication of files being accessed, never mind being written to).

The initial log had a lot of Java messages, but as far as understand it that is normal.

Any clues what has gone wrong?

I can no longer start it manually.  I could initially.

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Patrick Smith March 16, 2022

Any update on this issue? I too am having Crowd start as a service automatically

Dave Mattinson March 17, 2022

And follow all the instructions. Particularly the renaming 64-bit binaries.

It would be nice if there was an installer that did it all for you, but the inconsistency of the At installers is an irritation anyway.

Patrick Smith March 17, 2022

Thanks David -

I have tried that (renaming to use with the java 64bit binaries, but still does not work)

I have 64 bit Java (JDK8) installed and my JAVA_HOME pointing to the correct directory.

I had this working on earlier versions of crowd, but now that we had to migrate to Data Center from Server, it does not work. Not sure if anyone else has this working????

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Even tried 32 bit java, no dice




Dave Mattinson March 18, 2022

You did use forward slashes in your crowd.home setting, e.g. crowd.home=D:/my/crowd

It is known that 32-bit binaries don't work in 64-bit windows so no point to that.

I believe I used JDK11.

That's all I can pick out of my notes.

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