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Auto-add users to Crowd?

Michael Garvin January 26, 2012

Hi, we would like to allow new users to our Atlassian eco system to automatically be added to Crowd (we use a delegated LDAP connector to actually authenticate). I've been looking at the Crowd source code, and there appears to be a way to add a completely independant directory (sub-class RemoteDirectory), but we want to have something like this instead:

1 - intercept attempt to autehtnicate (i.e. be the top directory in the directory stack)

2 - look in the othe directories to see if the user already exists in say "jira-users". We don't want to go to LDAP, because we don't care about the authenticaiton, we wan to let the normal delegate direcotry do that...but before that happens we want to always pre-add the user to the delegated LDAP directory.

3 - if the user isn't in jira-users (of the delegated directory) yet, then add them.

4- always fail authentication (always fall through to the next directory). I guess if know what the actual delegate directory is we could just call its authenticate method and return that result to be a little more efficient.

It seems reasonable, but to do that, I think we need to instantiate things like the SystemInfoHelper to be be able to fetch a DirectoryManager and list/query the other directories...but in all the various classes I've looked at, you have to provide cache instances or loader instances, and I don't know ehre to get or how to generate them.

I guess I could go through ALL of the crowd source code and figure the whole thing out, but that seems like a lot of overkill to do whwt other people must have already done several times. This is a standard enterprise kind of feature; incrementally add users from the big corporate LDAP. Surely others have done this arleady? Is this the best approach? Does anyone know of an example implementation they can share?

I did look at:

But I don't think its checking the existing directories, just going straight to custom data like a database. This plugin looked primising:

But the source code doesn't exist anymore. Does anyone happen to have a copy of it? I was thinking maybe I could look at it to see how it uses the existing Crowd classes (even though its for a much older version of Crowd).

I also looked in the crowd admin panel hoping that I had just overlooked a simple "auto-add" users option, but I couldn't find one anywhere. There is a feature for adding users to a group the first time they authenticate, but means adding the user to the LDAP directory our case that would mean importing 30-40,000 users...we don't want to do that, we want incremental addition and incremental addition to groups at the same time.

I guess maybe I shoudl try to dig up the actual LDAP implementtion inside Crowd and see what it does on the first time lookup of a user.

If you have any tips/pointers on doing "auto-add" of users incrementally, please let me know...




Michael Garvin

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Michael Garvin January 26, 2012

Sorry I fogot to paste in the proper link for the plugin I did find that does this (for older Crowd versions):

I did also comment on the Wiki there asking Jonathan for a pointer to the source code.

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