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Confluence Cloud - can I insert a small graphic inline with the text? Beats me that such a simple action seems impossible to achieve?

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This is another serious failing of Confluence. It's not the first one I've encountered and based on the others I've seen it won't be fixed.

Yes, you can make your graphic into an emoji and insert it into text, but then it comes out really small, and you can't control the size at all.

It is infuriating to see that Atlassian uses inline graphics into their own technical documentation, but won't let us use Confluence to do it with ours.

It's a shame to see no effort from Atlassian over this despite continued demand from the users.

It should be obvious that technical documentation requires a good deal of images - we need the tools to format them nicely with text, rather than the pathetic implementation that currently exists in Confluence.

Inserting small images goes beyond just full images and emojis.  In my case, I wanted to add an 21x21 pixel icon used in the Eclipse menu bar.  These do not have a text label so the only way to indicate them in instructions is a picture of the icon.  Using a large image space for them seems to be a waste as well as being confusing and easy for a reader to miss.  Other editors allow for small images to be inserted right in a sentence, making it clear and easy to read.

To get around this I have been making custom emojis in Confluence using images of icons I screenshot from the application or looked up online. It is not ideal but it works pretty well. If the image is of anything bigger than an icon then you are out of luck.

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Jul 18, 2019

Hello there Nicholas!

As I understand, you need to insert an image within the same line as your text. Is that correct?

If we are talking about a full blown image, we can format it to fit within the text, but not the inline text itself. If we are talking about emojis, we can surely insert them inline. Here is an example for both cases:

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 16.58.53.png

If you need a special emoji for your text, you can create your own! Here is an screenshot of where you can reach that:

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 17.00.42.png

We need to:

  1. Click the emoji tool at the top bar of the editor
  2. Click Add your own emoji
  3. Type a name for your emoji
  4. Select a file for the emoji
  5. Click to Add emoji

For you to use the emoji, type : followed by the name of the emoji. It should show up as an option!

Let us know if this helps you out Nicholas! Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you for your reply Diago. My frustrations are coming about because the default template menu seems bereft of any formatting tools (seem image). I have come across the toolbar that you are showing but that seems to occur when I do something like import a Word document - otherwise it is not available. 

The company I am working for does not have much experience with Confluence and I wonder whether they have incorporated templates that are out of date? They are using the Cloud version but I'm having to fight every single paragraph to get any sense out of the templates (which seem to be the default templates delivered with Confluence).


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Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
Aug 21, 2019

Hello there Nicholas!
The toolbar should be present, regardless of the page being a Word import or created directly into Confluence.
Could you send us a screenshot of what you see when you create a page within Confluence and another screenshot of what you see when you import a Word file?
Also, would like to list which templates are problematic? If possible, you can send us screenshots of them.

Looking forward to your reply Nicholas!

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Nope.... you put a picture directly onto the page and yes, you get the controls. You put a picture is a Layout element and it has only the delete control. 

Also, you can't put more than one picture on a line, either in a Layout or on the main page.

The placement controls for pictures also seems arbitrary - crushing text willy-nilly (the technical term). 

Writing technical documentation has just been made harder. Does nobody test this stuff first?

NB: I have yet to find any option to see what template is being used.

Hi, I too can't get this functionality working (including an image via an include page macro).  The documentation here makes it seem quite simple.

It always goes to a new line for me.

Any tips?

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Small images simply don't have the size/layout options. Period.

These small images always paste into a new line and have limited controls:


Other images on the same page (that are much, much larger) have access to the controls and work fine.

Missing feature? Bug? Who knows!

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Filipe Bras Almeida
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I'm New Here
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Dec 22, 2023

Sorry for my tone but... this limitation, which was introduced with more recent versions of confluence, is just perfectly asinine. This change is equal parts baffling, needless, and just plain idiotic.

Quality products all around, but for the love of creation... are inline images in a damned WYSIWYG wiki page editor too much to ask?

Beyond belief.

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