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edit vs edit-v2

Keryn Barlow April 16, 2019

I am using a trial version of confluence. Some of my pages have 'edit' toolbars and some have 'edit-v2'. Edit-v2 appears to have reduced functionality. Any idea on how I revert back to edit?

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Gildas Huart December 29, 2019


I found a workaround for those who have both "edit" and "edit-v2" url when editing their pages.

  1. Just choose a page that is editable through the "edit" mode (not "edit-v2").
  2. Copy that page, clear it from all content and save it with title "Template".
  3. Then, for every new page that you have to create, instead of clicking on "Create page", just copy your template. You'll have the "edit" mode at every modification of that new page.

Let's just hope this is not intentional from Atlassian and that a patch won't destroy that workaround. :)

Carl Stewart January 22, 2020

Thank you!  I'm going to do this now!

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Yarno Boelens October 15, 2019

I'm having the same issue. It's really annoying. I can't add a change message to new documents because of this (but there are many more features less or not accessible). I appreciate the continued development but in my opinion this is a hard downgrade.

Eric Smith October 29, 2019

Anyone from Atlassian want to comment on this?  I agree with Yarno, it's annoying because there are less features.  We can't add a code block to a newer page

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Kurt Callebaut November 27, 2019

Adding links to a page is missing a lot.. Only the recent are shown. :(

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Carl Stewart January 22, 2020

ignore this and look at my comment below this.

Carl Stewart January 22, 2020

Original comment was not deleted, sorry.

I too complained to them about this. It's their "new" wysiwyg editor. It's terrible! Here's what you can no longer do in it:

  • cannot put number/bullet lists inside expand macro that is in the cell of a table
    tables are either in the center or expand to the entire page, you can't give it a custom size that begins from the left or right side
  • you can't add new columns to the left of the current column, only to the right. So if you want a column added to the left:
    • add column to the right
    • copy and paste what is in the current column to the new column
    • remove all data that was in current column
  • same kind of thing when you want a new row added above you instead of below you
  • editing a table no longer has buttons in the toolbar up top, so a lot of functionality is lost and is a lot harder to figure out
  • tables do not look the same in v2 as they did in v1
  • and the breaker for me is when I select view source under the ... button on a v1 page. Do a select all, copy it, paste it into a new page that is v2 instead of v1, the macros all show up as images, instead of the formatting of the page with all the macros being kept intact with the same settings being used. When I want to copy a page this way, it's because I don't want any of the attachments with it.
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Carl Stewart January 23, 2020

oops, seems it was restored.  Please disregard the duplicate post.

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Speijer_ Peter
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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February 15, 2024

Another workaround. If the table is not too wide. create columns and place your table in the left column. 

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Deleted user April 16, 2019

Hi @Keryn Barlow 

It seems as though you cannot revert back. Editv2 seems to happen to new pages.

Hope this helps

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