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Draw.io diagramm is on a confluence page. When i export the page to pdf from confluence no clipart or images appear in the exported pdf. Any ideas? Thank you Mario

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What version of Confluence and draw.io plugin are you using?

draw.io =

confluence = 5.9.1

Upgrade draw.io to latest and try again please.

Thank you for your fast response.

In test environment ok.

In productiv not ok.

Identical versions.

Identical versions, i.e. the latest on both? Is the test env on the root of a domain and production has a path any the root domain? i.e. domain.com/somepath

yes, the latest on both. the path is

for test, confluencet.domain.de

for prod, confluence.domain.de 

Please submit a ticket at support@draw.io so we can get logs from you. Thanks.

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