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View all open comments on a Confluence page

Hi there, 

We're adding lots of inline comments to our Confluence pages but it's proving difficult to get an overview at the page level of what's open and requires attention. 

There's a "Resolved Comments" section but I can't see if there's anywhere to quickly get a list of open comments? 

We're OnDemand, if that makes any difference. 



28 answers

Hi Lee, 

Unfortunately we do not have this feature implemented at this point. But it's on our backlog, see


Is there an update on this?

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Any update on this - its been over a year.   This seems like a really critical issue when trying to use Confluence for reviewing large documents it is important to be ensure that all issues (comments) are resolved before the document is approved.

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We also would like an update for this!

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We are Confluence customers and have the same issue! I can see resolved comments via the menu but not open comments, can't that be reversed??

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Is this still open? I have loads of very long pages with inline comments hidden inside, and I have to manually grep through them to find the comments. This is insane UI for any non-trivial e.g. business use of Confluence.

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@SecondLineSupportis there any update on this request? Managing multiple projects it's essential to have an overview of all open comments. After all it's all about collaboration and making this easier by using confluence, correct?

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I would also like an update on this, as it is negatively impacting my team.

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still not solved?

4 years now...


Ridiculous that i have to screenshot my comment and email to colleagues so they can see where it's hidden....

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+7 bn ... I think everyone wants this feature.

+1.  Ridiculous

+1 - Please! I am trying to get the most out of this tool and this makes it very difficult to justify it's usage. 

Any update now that it's 2021?

84 years.jpg

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It's unfortunate that Atlassian classified this core issue as "NOT BEING CONSIDERED" - Not sure what the alternative to this currently is except the booklet option in this tread.

Another possible workaround is to create a bookmark in your browser with the following URL.




P.S.: Replace the : for a real colon


After that, open the page in Confluence and, after loaded, click the bookmark.

It will slide the comments on the right side of the page and make them visible.

It's easier than searching the whole document for a yellow mark to click.

Cool way to get all my comments over the right-side of the browser, but I can't seem to view all comments at once.


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Fantastic! Thanks for that bookmarklet! At least it will show the first comment (if any).

From there, you can press the "n" key to see the next one, or "p" to see the previous one. If only pressing "n" would show the first comment if one exists, and if only pressing "]" when the comment sidebar was hidden would reveal it (instead of just hiding it when it's visible)...

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Really nice! It would be nice if confluence can implement this OOTB.

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Absolutely amazing work there!

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+1 worth a reasonable workaround.

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I have improved it so it will also jump to the comment instead of just opening it:



Replace the : with a real colon ':'

(in case the comment is open it will close it)

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@Slava Shpitalny: That's really good and works scrolling to the first comment!

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@Slava Shpitalny Chrome Bookmarks seemed to allow me to save the script only on replacing &colon with an actual colon. Works great though! :)

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On I.E I do not see an improvement. It simply doesn't scrollinto view.

How the fuck is "view comments on this page" not implemented? Like it shouldn't have to be implemented. Comments should by default be visible. People wrote them to be seen and not slide back and forth like some crap web app.  The missing feature be "hide comments".

Is there a plan to fix this, my company is crying out for this feature. Some of our pages are extremely large and go through multiple review cycles and attract a high volume of comments. Is it not possible to have a table of some sort that breaks down the list of unresolved comments, against which section and who by?

Are you on Cloud? I'm planning this feature for a Cloud plugin...

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no we have the on-premise  version...are you planning it for this too?

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We also would like an update for this! This issue will possibley gate our comanpy accepting this tool for doc reviews

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Unfortunatley Atlassian has deemed this "Not Being Considered: Whilst we appreciate the potential impact and value this issue may bring to our customers, we will not be working on it in the foreseeable future. We will review this ticket in a year to see if our decision has changed."

I created a link at the top right on the page to View Comments and configured it for the java script suggested above and shown below. It doesn't do much more than add a comment so that when you click it it opens a modal for the first comment. But I am able to put it in a template so the first comment (View Comments) is highlighted. I'm going to attempt to use this with a button once my Confluence instance comes back up. Its been down for an hour. Groan.

This does not open all the comments but it starts at the first comment. My document is an application which has 3 reviewers so I put 3 links (sponser, evaluator, certifier) for the reviewers to click to add comments to at the right of each section of the appliction. The highlighting tells the reader that the reviewers have commented on each section.

This works fairly well however I too would have preferred being able to show all the comments at one time.

I would also like to remove the comment controls (like Resolve) as I want the comments to be permanent. 


I spoke too soon, it looks like this didn't actually work. It looks like when I added the View Comments link above my Sponsor Comments link which had a comment, that the Sponsor comment got extended to the View Comments text. So all I have is the 3 links and the user has to know to click the first one to start viewing comments.

+1 my team needs this basic feature since it's way to easy for comments to be lost and unresolved.  A Google search for "always show comments" shows many similar concerns from other customers.

Why would atlassian add inline comment feature with ability to mark as 'complete" and not provide a way to find them all? If you view them as tasks, why would you not make it easy to find undone tasks? And if there not enough users asking for this feature?  

This is not a perfect workaround but sometimes good enough. You can use activity stream gadget/ macro and list content type "comment"

Here is a receipe from servicerocket:

While the steps did not work for me, I just pasted the source and adjusted the scope variable to set the root page in the content reporter macro to fit my needs. Note that this enables you to show inline comments and comments from multiple pages, e.g. a hierarchy of pages.

+1 for our teams needs. Also would be great to integrate confluence inline-comments with Crucible (because actually we're trying to use crucible for peer-review of  confluence docs)

Hard to believe this feature was not part of the original plan. What is a comment good for if you can't handle it well? So pls confirm: there is No way to have an overview over the 

.) open comments on a page

.) open comments  a person wrote

.) open comments I wrote


+1 for this request

+1 for this long overdue feature.

Hi Lee,

for one way to get all unresolved inline comments, you can take a look at my answer from another question:

Hi Stephen, 

This solution is only applicable to self-hosted versions of Confluence, right? I can't use scripting on the Cloud version. Unless I'm misinterpreting your suggestion in



Hi Lee, it works just fine on the cloud version too. It is simply a piece of Javascript that you paste into your browser console, so it's your browser doing the scripting, not a Confluence page :)

I realized there was a bug that caused it not to work on Cloud (and also it was set by default to filter by username), so I fixed the issue, here is the updated code:

var getUnresolvedInlineComments = function(space, username, start) {
    start = start || 0;
    var spacePart = "";
    if (space) {
        spacePart = "space%3D" + space + "%20and%20"
        url: contextPath + "/rest/api/content/search?cql=" + spacePart + "type%3Dcomment&expand=extensions.resolution%2Ccontainer.history&start=" + start,
        success: function(response) {
            jQuery(response.results).each(function() {
                if (this.hasOwnProperty("extensions") && this.extensions.location === "inline" && this.extensions.resolution.status === "open" && (typeof(username)==="undefined" || this.container.history.createdBy.username === username)) {
                    console.log(AJS.params.baseUrl + this._links.webui);
            if ( !(response.size < response.limit) ) {
                getUnresolvedInlineComments(space, username, start + 25);
            } else {

This is a bad workaround for the time being, so I think I will take some time and turn this into a real addon, which should make things a lot easier.

A Cloud addon was recently released that would help with this:

See All Unresolved Comments

Not only do you get a counter at the top to see how many unresolved inline comments are in a page, but you can also click to jump directly to the first comment. You can even search (run a report) to see all unresolved comments filtered by space and/or commenting user. For longer pages, there's also an overview report that shows just the headings and the commented text, so you can get a quick overview of what's on any particular page.

Just as an update, See All Unresolved Comments is now available for Confluence Server as well.

This is a true pain!

My current workaround :

  1. Leave a comment with 'ignore this comment'
  2. Use the arrows to navigate the unresolved comments, resolving them in another window in Edit mode.
    (it's also annoying that you can't see the comments in Edit mode, so I use two windows for that).
  3. Once all the real comments are resolved / processed, resolve the bogus comment with 'ignore this comment'.

As a workaround you can us Talk inline comments add-on. It shows all unresolved comments on a page. But this add-on is for Confluence Server only. You can try live demo here.

I think we don't have this option because Confluence is hosted in-house...

There is another workaround for that by switching to mobile view of the page which contains inline comments.
You can do it in 2 ways:

- in chrome activate developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+I or F12), then toggle device toolbar (Ctrl+Shift+M or click device icon), then choose any mobile device from a toolbar (i.e. Galaxy S5) and reload the page 


- copy page url and change it for mobile view copping PAGEID (twice!) as follows:
FROM: https://YOUR.DOMIAN/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=PAGE_ID

TO:   https://YOUR.DOMIAN/confluence/plugins/servlet/mobile?contentId=PAGE_ID#content/view/PAGE_ID

In both cases you should receive mobile version of a page with all inline comments listed on bottom of the page.

Have fun!


I cannot get any of the JavaScript solutions working, but your solution works beautifully. 

I'm not quite following what you say about the URLs, by the way, and I didn't need to select a specific mobile device. Once in dev. tools, and toggled to mobile-device mode, I just hit F5 to reload the page.

It had never occurred to me that Confluence would display differently on a mobile device. I won't go into the details of why, but suffice to say I'm well used to punching F12 in Chrome, and that should have occurred to me.


Many thanks,
Pat O'Connell
Technical Writer
MindGeek Montreal


If you need to see the aggregated table of comments (simple or inline with statuses control), you can try plugin.

Thank you,

Andrey Tkachenko from BeastieHut

This plugin appears to be for Server only, is that correct?

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Hello Jan.

Yes, for now it is only for Server Confluence.

We are planning to implement it for Cloud in near future.

Thank you

i could also really use this for cloud ... :(

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@Souni Breil 

@Kat Ingalls

FYI - We implemented the version of the plugin for Confluence Cloud - .

It is a first release, so the options are not so various as for server for now, but we're going to add them in future.

Thank you!

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FYI, I found that my previous smart bookmark code to open the first comment on the page was no longer working after somewhat recent changes to Confluence (i.e. in the "new" interface as opposed to the "old").

Here is my updated smart bookmark which works in the new Confluence interface:


Replace `_COLON_` with `:` to make it work. The previous code (I believe suggested a while back on this same ticket) no longer works because one of the key class names is no longer used. Now, they use a custom data- attribute to indicate it's an inline comment.


wow! hard to believe, this issue is still pending! Is it?

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