Template button directing to wrong space after copying and moving page from one space to another

Jennifer Filipe November 6, 2020


This is what we did. 

Copied a page and then moved it from one space to another. The page included a template button.

After moving the page, I clicked edit on the page and then edit on the template button to ensure the template info and space key were correct. I confirmed that the space key had updated to the space the page is now held on.

Clicked publish

Clicked on the button to create a template and I'm being directed to the space that i copied and moved the page from. 

Points to note:

This is happening on ALL the pages I have copied and moved between spaces, even though clicking on edit the button is showing as being relevant to the correct space key.

The pages on each space have the same page title





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David Richer June 16, 2022

I am experiencing the same issue as Jennifer.   After copying the page, when I click on the macro it creates the template in the original space I copied from.

To fix the issue, I need to edit the page, and then click on the edit pencil icon for the macro.  Then I click Save and then I click Publish.  Voila.  The macro now works properly.  

Note that I did not "do" anything.  I just clicked edit and save.  Also note that when I look at the configuration of the macro, everything looks right.  However, even though it looks right, if I click Cancel and Publish, I get the problem where the page is created in the wrong space.

The "Save" of the macro must be actually updating the space correctly (even though it looks correct).

Serena Barker March 17, 2024

Thank you, that has worked for me too :) 

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Rita Leitner Gaspar July 29, 2022

I am experiencing exactly the same issue reported by David. And doing the same annoying "fix" that David described.

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Brant Schroeder
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December 28, 2020


  Welcome to the community.  This is usually due to the space key, are you positive that it is correct?  Does the new space have the same template with the same name?  If so I would suggest changing the template to a different template, saving and then editing and changing it back to the correct template.  

Marta Kopij March 15, 2023

what do you mean by changing the template to a different template? :)

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