Task reports are titled when empty but untitled when they have content. WHY. WHY. WHY.

Micheal Planck January 6, 2024

When you create an action item report, it has the title "Task report" in H2 style when there are no tasks. However, when there are open tasks, the title disappears. This means that I have to add a title so that when there are action items, people know they're looking at the task report; but when there aren't items, I get two titles.

And it is so simple to fix. Either have a title or don't! Do not modally change whether there is a title based on the contents. If I want the table labelled, I will label it, even when it is empty; if I don't want it labelled, I certainly don't want it labelled when it is empty.

Honest question: how is this not obvious? How could they possibly have written a piece of code without once thinking about how it will be used? Why would anyone even do this? What kind of demented idiot decides that an empty table needs a label telling you what it isn't displaying, but a full table does not? WTF is wrong with these people?

I honestly do not understand how decisions get made. It would have been the simplest thing to either have a title or not; making the title modal requires extra work. Atlassian literally spends extra money to make their product garbage.

For the love of God, Montressor - WHY?

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