Table of Contents links displayed but not working for ConfiForms ValueView values?

Jeremiah Watkins March 27, 2023

I have a ConfiForms Form with a bunch of values in the Confluence Wiki format. These values have h1 headings.

I also have a ConfiForms ValueView macro on a page that displays all values of that field on the page.

When I add a Table of Contents, it shows all the headings but when I click on one, it adds only a # to the URL, but no heading label and doesn't jump to the section.

For example, if I manually add text (let's say "SomeText") formatted as 'Heading 1', I see a "SomeText" item in TOC. When I click it, the URL changes to "https://confluence/whatever#SomeText" and it jumps to that section.

However, let's say I add the following to a field in a ConfiForms form: "h1. SomeText". The field is formatted as Confluence Wiki and I can see that "SomeText" is formatted as an h1/Heading 1 tag. When I add the ConfiForms ValueView macro with that value, I see the "SomeText" heading in TOC but when I click it the URL changes to "https://confluence/whatever#". No heading text, just a #. And of course it doesn't jump to the section.

Anyone know why it's acting this way and how I can fix it?

Update: I submitted a ticket with Vertuna (ConfiForms) and here's their response:

We can confirm that this is a problem, but it is not something ConfiForms is not doing

This is how the Atlassian TOC macro works… or actually does not, for the contents generated dynamically

ConfiForms generates a clean HTML output, but TOC relies on some altered headers (with HTML IDs generated to match the header value)

We tried to talk to Atlassian regarding this and long conversation has resulted in this

Then a follow-up:

We have found a way to workaround this issue and have ite implemented in the ConfiForms plugin starting from version 3.3.9

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