Strange connections after update

I updated my self-hosted confluence site on 2017-10-30 14:00 GMT to 6.4.3 using the binary installer.

At 01.11.2017 04:02 GMT, my rkhunter reported the following:

Warning: Network TCP port 47018 is being used by /opt/atlassian/confluence/jre/bin/java. Possible rootkit: Possible Universal Rootkit (URK) component
         Use the 'lsof -i' or 'netstat -an' command to check this.

 I could not find that connection when I checked manually on 02.11.2017 16:20 GMT, but several connections from the confluence user's JAVA to some Amazon AWS and Cloudfront resources:

17:17 root@tango003:~# lsof -i | grep confluence 
java      12560            confluence   36u  IPv6 142164877      0t0  TCP *:opsmessaging (LISTEN)
java      12560            confluence   83u  IPv6 142178417      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:irdmi (LISTEN)
java      12560            confluence   84u  IPv6 147577281      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45026->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence   85u  IPv6 147575636      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45052->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence   87u  IPv6 147575640      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45056->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence   89u  IPv6 147574776      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45060->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence   91u  IPv6 147576307      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45016->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence   92u  IPv6 147577301      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45064->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence   93u  IPv6 147574783      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45066->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence   94u  IPv6 147575650      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45072->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence   95u  IPv6 147577305      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45076->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence   96u  IPv6 147576378      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45118->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence   97u  IPv6 147575654      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45080->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence   98u  IPv6 147577870      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45114->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence   99u  IPv6 147577318      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45122->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  100u  IPv6 147575669      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45126->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  101u  IPv6 147577322      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45130->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  102u  IPv6 147577859      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45084->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  104u  IPv6 147575658      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45088->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  105u  IPv6 147577860      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45092->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  106u  IPv6 147577311      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45096->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  107u  IPv6 147575659      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45100->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  108u  IPv6 147577351      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45174->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  109u  IPv6 147577891      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45176->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  110u  IPv6 147577352      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45180->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  113u  IPv6 147575625      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45030->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  114u  IPv6 147572727      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  115u  IPv6 147575624      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45024->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  116u  IPv6 147575660      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45104->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  117u  IPv6 147577326      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45134->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  118u  IPv6 147577895      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45192->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  122u  IPv6 147577340      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45146->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  124u  IPv6 147577341      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45150->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  126u  IPv6 147577342      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45152->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  129u  IPv6 147577357      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45188->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  131u  IPv6 147575630      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45036->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  132u  IPv6 142226712      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12560            confluence  133u  IPv6 147573016      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12560            confluence  136u  IPv6 147575661      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45108->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  137u  IPv6 142236296      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12560            confluence  138u  IPv6 147577343      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45158->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  139u  IPv6 147575692      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45162->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  143u  IPv6 147573939      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12560            confluence  144u  IPv6 147577327      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45136->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  148u  IPv6 147572340      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12560            confluence  149u  IPv6 142236292      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12560            confluence  153u  IPv6 147574852      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12560            confluence  157u  IPv6 147573221      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12560            confluence  158u  IPv6 147576425      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45190->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  161u  IPv6 147574851      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12560            confluence  162u  IPv6 147573222      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12560            confluence  163u  IPv6 147572339      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12560            confluence  166u  IPv6 147576309      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45020->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  167u  IPv6 147251053      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12560            confluence  168u  IPv6 147577328      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:45138->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  171u  IPv6 142233532      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12560            confluence  177u  IPv6 147573779      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12560            confluence  918u  IPv6 142178328      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:58080->localhost.localdomain:jamlink (ESTABLISHED)
java      12560            confluence  935u  IPv6 147573009      0t0  TCP> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      12997            confluence   60u  IPv6 147575158      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:43750->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12997            confluence   61u  IPv6 142169448      0t0  TCP *:jamlink (LISTEN)
java      12997            confluence   62u  IPv6 142175978      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:jamlink->localhost.localdomain:58080 (ESTABLISHED)
java      12997            confluence   65u  IPv6 147531691      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:55622->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
java      12997            confluence   66u  IPv6 147530446      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:55862->localhost.localdomain:pyrrho (ESTABLISHED)
17:26 root@tango003:~#

 I'm a bit concerned about that - could you please tell me if this is expected behavior or not?

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Ann Worley Atlassian Team Nov 02, 2017

The connections are for add-on management - the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) checks for updates, etc.

To make sure this is what the connections are, please switch your UPM to offline mode and run the lsof -i again to see if the connections persist. I look forward to hearing what you find.

Hey Ann,

thanks a lot for jumping in and explaining!

I can confirm that switching UPM to offline mode makes those AWS sockets to disappear.

Noteworthy, they seem to not be teared down actively by that, which makes it take a few minutes ( <5 ) to have those sockets switched from ESTABLISHED to CLOSE_WAIT state; they never disappear completely and remain in CLOSE_WAIT, which is fine, but maybe important for someone not that familiar with how sockets work, so I'm adding it here.

Thanks for that hint!

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