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We had a bunch of pages of diagrams/flowcharts made with diagramly, but the plugin seems to have "disappeared", and with it our documentation.  It looks like that plugin has been superseded by, and I'd be fine with buying that, but the fact that our documentation has "disappeared" from our server just in time for audit season is a bit unnerving.

Is there a way to get back those diagrams after we purchase 

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Hi Alexander,

I'll set this question as resolved since it's necessary to get in touch with the for this specific case and the next steps.



Alexander did get in touch. The problem was that the plugin had been uninstalled, the resolution was to reinstall it.

The plugin has no mechanism to remove diagrams, it's more likely the plugin has either been uninstalled or there's been an error starting it. What does the plugin admin page say?

It simply doesn't show up... It's possible someone removed it, but no one's taking ownership of that. Do you know if I can move those diagrams to plugin? Currently it just says "Unknown macro: ''"...

Re-installation will bring them back. Please email and we'll explain the details of what you need to do.

Alright, I sent off a support email. Thanks!

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