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Tina Yeates July 11, 2017

I inserted a Snag It picture and all of my work disappeared.  I tried back but it was gone.  Page is unpublished.  Confluence has been doing saves.  Is there anyway to go back to a saved, unpublished version?



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Julius Hennig November 22, 2018

I've got a similar problem, however, it just relates to text edits (in Confluence Cloud). I have edited a page for quite a while earlier today, but wasn't ready to publish it yet. As usual, on the lower bar it told me that Confluence saved the changes. But, after taking a break and coming back to the Confluence tab, everything was gone and back to a slightly previous state (not a complete reset, but like 80%). Is there any way to recover those edits?

Marta Marciszewicz September 7, 2022

The same exact problem here. I even shared the document with some of my team members for review, so the changes must have been saved for others to view them online. Once I came back to make final changes and publish it 90% of the work was gone. None of the solutions from the comments below worked for me, unfortunately. Is there any way to recover the changes made to the draft?

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Emmy He August 31, 2022

Same here!! I was so frustrated because the same thing happened to me( after an hour of work) and I went to Recent>Draft but the page wasn't there!

But I figured out how to retrieve the page I was working on! First, you will need to go to Recent>drafts. Then, click on "Worked On". Once there, go to the link where the last page you worked on is. Once there, you should see a tag in gray "Unpublished changes". You will need to click on the pencil icon and voila, you should now see all the changes that were made! Just go ahead and save the page and it should now refresh. Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 10.04.33 AM.png

ssena September 30, 2022

This worked for me!

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samantha.rozek March 3, 2022

I was working on a draft and accidentally swiped left on the touchpad. Now the draft is gone. It appeared for a few seconds but then displayed a blank page. The Drafts section shows an empty page. How can I recover the hours of work I spent on this?

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Aidan Millar-Powell January 21, 2021

Same problem. Made some changes to a page and forgot to publish, came back later and closed it but the changes were lost. Absolute crap.

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Atlassian Team
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July 11, 2017

Please try the Drafts option under your profile. You may access your user profile by clicking your avatar in the top right corner:

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 1.48.38 PM.png

Tina Yeates July 11, 2017

Not there.  The only thing in drafts is a copy of it with only the picture I was tring to paste in.


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Aidan Millar-Powell January 21, 2021

There is no drafts section

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Aurela Omaj July 18, 2022

What worked for me was go to my chrome history from the day and time I edited that page (unpublished) and found the link to that edited page and it had all my changes. Phew. It wasn't in my Confluence drafts or anywhere. This was the only thing that worked. 

Hope this helps someone.

Aurela Omaj July 18, 2022

TIP: The title in the history usually says 'Edit -  (insert title of your lost page)'

Brett Paton July 31, 2022

Thank You!  I forgot to publish something yesterday after making extensive edits and your tip saved me - looking through Chrome's History. 

With there being no real manual save function, I kind of assumed it just kept it as a draft or something in edit mode and closed the browser.  I think that might just be for unpublished stuff.  So you just get used to the idea of not saving anything ever.

Wilson Aballey September 22, 2022

Thank you ma'am

Lance Beasley May 30, 2023

Worked for me too!!! Great fix!!!

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Jason Chen June 6, 2022

Just lost an hour to this. When I tried publishing an edit, I received an error stating that pages couldn't have identical titles. Then I stupidly and quickly closed the draft, trusting it to be saved so I could go back to it to publish properly.

For what it's worth, at least one other team member experienced the same thing today and lost their edits to another page.

Proper warnings should be provided if there is a service outage (i.e., telling people to save a copy offline before leaving the page), or proper offline support should be added.

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Dylan Knowles May 18, 2022

Just happened to our team as well. We even shared the Edit link, people saw the contents, worked on it for hours, and now just... back to a pre-edit state? No idea what happened but extremely frustrating.

samantha.rozek May 18, 2022

Atlassian was not very helpful in resolving this. I found it interesting that it shows I've attached an item to the document, but it's not appearing on the screen.

Good luck and hopefully you can recover something.

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Shaun April 20, 2021

How is this still a thing in 2021!?

Aidan Millar-Powell April 20, 2021

I suspect because Atlassian have made such a behemoth, that is so unmaintainable, that all their efforts go into maintenance code rather than what is reasonably expected in terms of feature addition.

There are requests on this site for super basic things, dating back to 2017 that still haven't been instantiated.

asd.lopes July 4, 2021

Same here, you need to fix it quickly... :| I have work lost...

Justin Baer July 26, 2021

I was stumbling around trying to find a way to recover a page that I had drafted up but lost because my laptop had a problem.  I was able to go to Recent > Drafts and find what I thought I had lost.  Worked like a champ.


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Dave Symonds December 15, 2021

You legend Justin

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Lisa Paterson January 17, 2022

Justin's fix is not working for me.  :(  I lost half a days work :( 

Katrin Green June 29, 2022

Justin you legend! I feel like I should buy you a coffee, you've just saved me!!

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