Problems with presentation of Confluence pages in Editing mode.

For approx a month users have problems when editing pages in Confluence.

When they select to edit (pencil or E doesn't make any difference), the page seems to be presented from bottom of screen instead of from top of screen, i.e. the header line of the page is presented bottom screen with a big blank space above it.

It doesn't happen all the time but in most occasions and it doesn't seem to matter which browser they use. 

If we then select the back arrow in the browser and select Edit again the page is presented correctly for editing with the header line on top oc screen. So, this is a work around, but the problem is very annoying.

Anybody else having the same problem?


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Hi Anne,

  1. Can you let us know the browser and version that you have been able to replicate the issue in?
  2. Please also let us know your Confluence version. What changed a month ago that could cause this? Was there a browser or Confluence upgrade?
  3. Do all users have this issue?

Thank you for your help!

Kind Regards,

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