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Potential Bug in Confluence Databases: Copy entry link button has disappeared

Remi February 13, 2024

As of approximately 2 hours ago, the functionality to view an individual database entry and copy its link has been compromised.


The button to view a single entry, typically located at the right side of a database entry, is no longer visible. The now inaccessible entry detail window used to contain the only option to copy its link, necessary for embeddings.

The Confluence documentation suggests an alternative method for embeddings using the `/Database Entry` macro. However, this is not accessible (to me) as of 2024-02-13.

The sole method of embedding a single database entry into a Confluence Page has thereby also been removed. Unsuccessfully tried cache purge, re-login and different browser.

Any Workarounds to get the link of an individual DB entry?

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Remi February 14, 2024

Update thanks to

The show detail button has moved and is now available through the "Expand entry" button at the top of the database.

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Remi February 14, 2024

The ability to delete entries has also disappeared, as the row selector does not appear on hover.

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Remi February 14, 2024

Another feature is now missing: Resizing columns

Both the column resizers and the button to view an individual entry used to appear on mouse hover.

I think the cause for their disappearance is the new on-hover functionality to add rows and columns between cells that supersedes the previous handlers.

@Divya Sriram 

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Remi February 13, 2024

Ugly workaround identified:

Add an "Entry Link" column to any database. In any field select the target DB + entry. Exit the field. Then right click the selected entry link and copy link address.

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