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Page properties report not returning column data


I am using the page properties and page properties report macro but it is not returning data as expected. I have done the same thing previously on Confluence Server and it worked fine.

I have several pages with a table inside the page properties macro. They have a label assigned. 


(there is plain text data in the lower rows, e.g. Approved scope, in case that isn't clear!)

My parent page has the page properties report macro where it does return the title of the page successfully, but nothing else - despite the column names (that I want to show) matching. 



The result is the same in the published page as well:


Can anyone help please?


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Has anyone here found a solution to this?? I am facing the exact same issue with our confluence instance as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

@Tom U. I have seen similar strange and frustrating behavior in both data center and Cloud. It seems the Page Properties Report macro really doesn't like it when there's anything other than plain text in the table cells. :-( 

This is frustrating one of our teams; they are putting the Status macro in a field like you are. I have also seen the behavior when the column names (such as Service status in your example) are hyperlinked to other pages.

What's even more frustrating is that sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't, and I haven't been able to find what the difference is when the report simply won't show what's in the table cell.

OK thanks... Hopefully it can be fixed at some point. 

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Chris Buzon Community Leader May 13, 2021

Hey @Alex K - I'm seeing this exact behavior on my company's production instance as well.  I'm one of the Community leaders, so if you would like I can probably set something up on the community AC sandbox instance to check out, if you'd like

It appears that macros are usually causing the problem, it's like a nasty off-by-one error, combined with a macro causing the subsequent cells to either not render, or rending as titles, or cause the report to generate-and-refresh-and-regenerate forever.

If you make a table with the properties macro and only use plain text - it works for 3 key/value pairs, but more than that don't seem to render.  If you swap to horizontal tables, you get strange behavior with the headers/titles.

Thanks, Chris. 

It works so well in Server though, so I'm surprised the same thing is so buggy in Cloud. 

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Glad to find this. I had been spending so much time trying to fix the issue. at least on my end I do see all the date IF i dont put the info in "columns to show section" 

Any thoughts on my last comment please, anyone?

Chris Buzon Community Leader May 27, 2021

I am seeing the same thing sometimes.  It is not consistent behavior - I can get plain text to work, but if there are any widgets or hyperlinks in any of the cells, then I lose most of the data and almost nothing renders.

I've recreated the page properties macro and now I can get some data, even macros e.g. statuses, but now they are appearing in the wrong columns. Strangely plain text data is not appearing at all.

Is there now way to contact support/product engineers to get this bug rectified?


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Chris Buzon Community Leader Jun 03, 2021

Doubtful - They're aware - there is an Atlassian Engineer in this thread further up (Alex K) - there are additional threads on this issue too.

It's just a thing that will have to go through their normal product cycle. 

Hi all, I'd like to confirm that even after changing the table rows to plain text, I still see no results  in my page properties report.

Can anyone confirm/replicate that?


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply. With the columns to show empty, I see the wrong things in the wrong places:


The table names are:



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Alex K Atlassian Team May 06, 2021

Hi @Tom U. ,

What happens if you remove all text from the "Columns to show" macro parameter? 

Could you also provide the exact "Columns to show" text as well as the column names in the table? With that I will try to reproduce the issue and hopefully find the root cause. 

Alex K (Developer at Atlassian)

@Alex K  removing all text from the "Columns to show" macro parameter did not help. Still the same issue.

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If I remove all text from "columns to show" indeed I get something, but it's not very useful as it just returns two extra columns, one showing the title a second time and one showing Item > Name.

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Alex K Atlassian Team May 08, 2022

Hi @Tom U. , @Andreas , @Chris Buzon 

I'm unable to reproduce this myself. I can somewhat reproduce it by adding hidden formatting to the headings in the Page Property table (e.g. adding an extra space) - then the selected "columns to show" don't match. 

Looking at the image you shared above, when removing the "columns to show" parameter, you see incorrect headings (referring to this image ↴)


This indicates incorrectly stored table formatting, where multiple rows/columns are marked as "table headings". It is vital that only one row or column is a heading within the Page Property table. It's odd because the page is only showing one table header  column, but there may be underlying corruption.

Does this happen when you create a brand new table from scratch? Does this happen if you create the table using the heading row rather than the heading column? 


We can check if your page has invalid table formatting by inspecting the storage format of the page - however this is somewhat technical/complex and it would be best if you could raise this with Atlassian Support and directly mention this thread and me in the support request, so that I can check this. Otherwise, you can email me at with the storage format of the page.

The storage format can be obtained if you're an admin from the UI using (More actions → Advanced details → View Storage Format):

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 12.05.57 pm.png

Or by putting the following address in your browser, substituting your site name and page id (id can be found in page url, like: /pages/_PAGE_ID_/Page+Name)

We will be looking at the <th> cells in the table formatting to see if there are multiple heading rows/columns. 

Alex K (Developer at Atlassian)

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