Named a page Admin and users can't see it. Help? Edited

I've named a page Admin and my users can't see it.

If I rename it to, say, BAdmin, users can see it.

Yes, I've checked to see if it's restricted but "No restrictions" is selected.

Can anyone shed some light on this situation because it's kind of mind boggling?


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any content page should land at  "display/****" or "pages/***".

the "admin/**" is only for confluence admin portal which general user shouldn't have permission.

if when you visit the regular page but has been redirected to admin/, I would think there have some tomcat url /proxy setup issue? you check server.xml or web.xml if you have any customization ....

Ah, I see. Yeah, most likely this is what is causing the issue. The page being named Admin. Shucks. 

Thank you for your answers. (all of you)

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I'm not able to replicate this so far. Could you tell me what version of Confluence you're running? Can admin users see it, or the user who created it?



Hey Shannon,

Thanks for the fast reply.

I'm using Atlassian Confluence 6.2.0.

I've also attached a picture with the error I get when I try to click on the Admin page.

Let me rephrase this, as I think my native language got ahold of me and I described this issue poorly in English (sorry):

1. I've created a page named Admin.

2. When the user clicks it, he gets the following error (pls see attached).

3. If I rename it anything else, when the user clicks the page, the action is completed and he can view all the contents.


Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

Admin issue.PNG

You say "2. When the user clicks it, ".  Where, exactly, are they clicking? 

I can see where it lands them, but could you look at what link your users are using to get it (mostly, you can hover the cursor over a link to see the url it will take you to in a tooltip)

Hey Nic,

Thanks for replying.

I've also attached a picture so you can see what the user is clicking.

The URL for that link is: display/UserGuide/AdminAdmin issue 2.PNG

Ok, that's great, very clear.

If you hover over the Admin you've surrounded in orange, does the tooltip say display/userguide/admin ?

Could you rename it to something else and check what url is shown when you hover as well?

Named as Admin

From the Admin point of view it says display/UserGuide/Admin.

From the User point of view it says domainname/Admin.

If I rename it to Administrator

From the Admin point of view it says display/UserGuide/Administrator.

From the User point of view it says domainname/Administrator


So, nothing changes. :/

Hi Andrei,

I'm curious about your URLs. Is there a reason it changes to domainname/Admin or domainname/Administrator? Do you have a special redirect set up? Confluence URL format should be CONF-URL/display/SPACEKEY/PageName.



There is definitely something odd going on, as the links on that page are coming up incorrect.

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