Migration assistant unexpected errors: "We couldn’t check for group conflicts/space key conflicts"

vincikit March 14, 2021


I'm running into errors trying to use the migration assistant from a server instance to cloud. See the below image.

I've kept trying to refresh, and tried making a new migration instance, but get the same errors. 

Any thoughts on what to do here?

Screenshot from 2021-03-14 17-05-26.pngWe couldn’t check for group conflicts

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vincikit March 14, 2021

Figured it out.

My confluence logs pointed me in the right direction - I saw this:

2021-03-14 23:34:32,499 ERROR [Caesium-1-3] [service.check.space.SpaceConflictChecker] error Error executing space keys conflict check.
-- checkExecutionId: ccdc6716b00bf1afe6995b96bf9d3e746917ff3d
com.atlassian.migration.agent.okhttp.HttpServiceException: Bad request. Status code: 401, message: {"code":401,"message":"Unauthorized"}

so I figured this was related to accounts and permissions - even though I was using the admin account on both the server and the atlassian cloud site, somewhere the streams were getting crossed with my non-admin account

See this page for the solution: https://confluence.atlassian.com/confkb/cloud-migration-assistant-not-working-1026058962.html

I had to:

- clear browser data

- make sure I wasn't logged in to target atlassian cloud site in any browser tab as my normal, non-admin user account (because it doesn't have privileges for the operations required by the migration assistant)

After this fix, I was able to successfully run the migration assistant and confirmed a space got imported to cloud as desired.

This was really frustrating. I don't understand why something as basic and common as being logged in as my regular user account should lead to an "unexpected error" with no suggested recourse, and for which I have to wade through logs. This is sloppy, bad UX.

Robert Horan
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June 8, 2022

I am having this problem now and none of those workarounds are actually working.

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DH January 26, 2024

Thanks!!  Yes, this is so dumb.  I just wasted an hour trying to restart a migration that had previously run without issue in test, with the GUI error only indicating a communications issue.  I had the same log:

Caused by: com.atlassian.bitbucket.plugin.bcma.httpclient.exceptions.UnexpectedStatusCodeException: Received an unexpected status code; expected [200], but received 401: {"code":401,"message":"Unauthorized"}

I started a private browser, logged back in, logged into cloud, and then took the additional step of choosing a "new" target which was really just the same target all over again, auth'd that, and now it's running again finally.

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