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Making a Jira ticket from list view of a form.

I have a task at hand in which I have to create a feedback form in which people will submit the feedbacks and me, as an admin have to choose what issues are very important/top priority and make Jira tickets for only those issues at a given time. 


What I have tried:

1. Making the form list view (to see all the feedbacks submitted till now). Make a new form inside of { form list view } to create a JIRA ticket after the pressing of a button. 

The problem I faced with the upper solution is that the ticket is generated for all the feedback submitted and not just the feedback details I want.


Any help is appreciated, Thank you

1 answer

Hi @Suvrat Kumra 

Welcome to this community

How is your form that sends the feedback (and creates a Jira ticket) is configured? I wonder how it happens so that it collects the data for "ALL the feedback"

Any screenshots from the editor or may be you can share a storage format for your page (with a list view/form)


Hi @Alex Medved _ConfiForms_ 

First I am attaching the snip of how my feedback form looks at the moment and all the fields there are in my form.


After this I will show how the list view is shown and when I click on the "create JIRA ticket" button on any of the feedback from that list view. I want to create a JIRA ticket only based of the information from that feedback.


Now, I will attach the picture on how I am making my feedback page and how I am configuring my settings for the JIRA ticket. (Note: Right now I am making a JIRA ticket as soon as the user submits the form, I do not want this functionality, I want the functionality when I click the "create JIRA ticket" button later from list view and the ticket based on the feedback is generated.)



I hope this helps. 
Thank you again.

Suvrat Kumra


Thank you for the details - I wonder how the "ticket" form that you have on a screenshots is related to "RequestForm" that you have on the further screenshots from the Confluence editor

But it looks like the "ticket" form is set INSIDE the ListView and is rendered for EACH row that this ListView is set to render

This is not correct. You should not have a ConfiForms Form Definition inside the ListView. Put it outside the ListView or on a different page even...

Then have only the ConfiForms Registrations Control (FormView) inside your ListView.



I am sorry but I might have missed to attach the screenshot related to the list view. So I am doing this right now, and it does not work.listview_format.PNG

I am making a list view of my requestForm to get all the feedbacks which are submitted till date and then making a submit button below every feedback which is supposed to make a JIRA ticket with the fields defined in the Confiforms IFTTT Integration rules.


Thank you.

Yes, but ConfiForms IFTTT macro must be part of the ConfiForms Form Definition...

You have it blank... Not even defining any fields in there... no rules

What do you expect the "ticket" form to do?


Oh yes, I just saw that, bad on my part. I want the "ticket" form to handle the functionality of creating a JIRA ticket in response to any of the feedback submitted from the list view. Now when I put all the fields in "ticket" form, I do not see the feedbacks from the "requestForm" anymore. The list view is completely empty.





Honestly, I am totally lost with what you have and what you want to do.

Sorry. I dont understand why there is a "second" form and what has the "main form"


Okay, I will start again with my question.


I have a feedback form and I want to create a JIRA ticket from the feedback submitted by the users by the click of a button on my end. Users who submit the feedback have no authority to create a jira ticket, it is only me who will first see the feedback and if I think the feedback is worth creating the Jira Ticket, I will create a Jira ticket by the press of a single button on the feedback.


How should I approach this problem?


Thank you


I would approach it having just one form, adding an "action button" field to your form and some hidden field (both with edit and view restrictions to you), and setting up an IFTTT rule onModified event and conditional, just like we show here 

The condition on this rule should be something that matches the state that your action button will set. Which means the action button will make a change to the record and that will trigger an IFTTT that will create the ticket for you


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