Links to Jira even when I don't want it to

John Robbins June 15, 2023

I often type a jira ticket# into confluence for various reasons.  It AUTOMATICALLY links the confluence page to jira.  I don't want this how do I get it to stop?

I often do this to track an item in a private confluence page.  This autolinking happens without my wanting it and then I get complaints from people that they can't get to a confluence page that shows up in a jira ticket.

I only want to link Jira to Confluence explicitly.  Not automatically.  I just want the link to Jira to work, not a link back to confluence.  Until this is fixed I have to type the ticket with a space before or after the hyphen so it doesn't create the link.  Then I don't get the ability to jump to the jira ticket.

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kmkmkmkmkmkm April 9, 2024

Insert the JIRA link with Ctrl+V then immediately press Ctrl+Z.

(This keeps a bare link on the Confluence page without JIRA issue title, issue type icon, and issue status.)

Works with our current Confluence Cloud (Confluence 1000.0.0-36782f2bda57). 

John Robbins April 9, 2024

This is helpful, I'll start using this 2 step link creation.
When I tried it, it didn't create the link in Jira.  
As long as I do the Ctrl+Z before publishing the page, it doesn't create the Jira link back to confluence.

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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
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June 15, 2023

Welcome to the Atlassian Community!

Why is this a problem?

John Robbins June 18, 2023

Why is this a problem? Are you serious?

I state clearly in my post that the confluence page I posted to is Private.  Only I can view it.  I type in the Jira tkt# for my use only and Jira automatically creates a link in Jira back to my Private page without me knowing this is happening.  Employees throughout the company see the link and click on it only to get a denied access error.  I then get a bunch of spam asking that I open this page up for access. Now do you understand the problem?

If I wanted to create a link from Jira to Confluence I would add it explicitly.

Now I have to go to Jira and break the link.  What a waste of time.  Then explain to everyone who requested access that they don't need access, I removed the link.

I hate software that thinks they know what I want.  I think the best thing is to:

1) Ask the user before automatically creating the link.  Then they know about the potential link and decide how to proceed.

2) Don't create the link.  If the user wants the link from Jira back to Confluence, let the user create it.

3) This is the worst of the 3 options but if the confluence page is restricted at all, don't create the Jira to Confluence link.

So, How can I prevent this other than not typing the jira tkt# on my confluence page?

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Bart Celary January 19, 2024

I'd like to be able to solve this as well.

For now, the way I avoid it is that I keep the page in edit mode without ever saving it, but it is still preserved even when I close the page, so nothing gets lost (unless I make a wrong edit). Since these notes are not permanent, it's good enough.

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Bernd Gurn February 1, 2024

I have another reason for not getting every Jira key automatically linked in Confluence but the behaviour is the same: if someone has no rights to access Jira than the link lead to an error message that i would avoid. Currently i am using the Jira Issue/Filter macro and there is no option to deactivate the automatically linking/highlighting for instance the Jira key. Please add an option to do so.

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