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Jira and Confluence(Cloud) is toooooo slow!



We use cloud version of Jira and Confluence on South Korea, but it is too slow to the point where we cannot use!

Is it a network issue? or Attlassian server issue? How can I make it fast?

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Hi everyone!

I'm Ivan, a Product Manager from Jira Software Cloud.

I'm working on improving the board and backlog page load times of next-gen projects, while @Tejasvita Madan the PM from Classic is working on the same for board and backlog page load times of Classic projects.

We're also working with many teams across the company to improve load times, such as Jira platform teams working on experiences such as issue view, dashboards, issue navigators, as well as sharing knowledge/insights about performance with the Confluence PM on performance, @Dennis Lu.

We're committed to improving the performance for Jira, as communicated publicly in this roadmap for Atlassian Cloud:

We apologize for the issues faced by your teams as you experience slow load times, but we're committed to turn that around in the coming year.

This is especially crucial as our whole company prioritizes performance and scale, while we look to sunset Server products (as per blog to focus on our cloud and data centre products.


Ivan Teong

Product Manager, Jira Software Cloud


P.S: If you're keen to chat about next-gen performance, please schedule a chat with me:

Hi everyone, I am the product manager on boards and backlog in classic projects and I am keen to understand performance issues you may be facing with regard to them- please pick a slot on my calendar should you want to chat regarding classic performance:

Thank you!

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Can I speak to you about slow performance in JIRA Cloud - classic projects? The lag happens in the Backlog view and especially in Kanban board views. It's a big problem because my company just switched to JIRA from TFS.

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Adding some fresh updates here - we've got a recent blog on the progress we've made toward better performance in Cloud, namely with Jira and Confluence:

We also invite you to stay posted in our Cloud - Reliability & Performance group on the Atlassian Community if of interest: Thank you for keeping us accountable, and we hope to see you there.

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Well, I am getting a 404 following the First link in your post. Kind of symptomatic ... after a few good years consulting with Atlassian tools I am doing other things now. 
Somehow still following up on how you ruin a once great product though. 

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Sharon Tan Community Manager Apr 15, 2021

Apologies @heiner_ulrich that link incorrectly included the period in the URL. It should be fixed now. 

I've been working with Jira and Confluence at various employers for many years now and it has been almost ubiquitous to expect that it is a painfully slow experience. I find it really difficult to believe, as is suggested above, that the issues are related to individual instances of the application.

Rather, it feels like the application has been poorly architected and thus consumes far more resources than it should. For example, I just refreshed a random Confluence page in our organization. On refresh, it loaded 74 javascript files that are a combined total of over 5mb. Any front end developer worth their salt knows that this is an insane way to deliver a front end experience. 

On top of that, one of the JS files loaded is JQUERY! Which kinda blows my mind given that it is 2020 and not 2008... Sure lots of Wordpress blogs still use jquery but any serious web application left jquery in the dust years ago in favour of far more modern technologies. 

Working with Atlassian products is a constant exercise in frustration and always has been. It is like working in slow motion. If I wasn't forced to use the tools by my employers I would never touch these products again. The ONLY reason tools like Jira are still used is because, as far as I know, there is no real competitor in the space that delivers the same volume of features. The second one pops up, a mass exodus off Jira will begin.

Performance just doesn't seem like it is ever a priority for Atlassian. Hell, I just ran through Google Page Speed insights and it scored an embarrassingly low 14 out of 100 for desktop and an even more despicable 4 out of 100 for mobile. 

I really hope that Atlassian is taking a serious look at how archaic their entire platform is because every tool or page I visit with their logo on it is radically slower than any other service that I interact with on a daily basis. 

I know Atlassian's motto is "Move Work Forward" but it really should be: "Slow Work Down"

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 3.39.08 PM.png

Oh our instance loads about 500 JS files. A lot of them are from team calendar, which we have disabled but js files are still loaded.

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 15.13.59.png

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My Confluence Cloud instance takes 650 requests to load a content page, 6.9 seconds for "DOM Load" event and 11-12 seconds to finish. 

That's just refreshing the page rather than loading from scratch. 100 requests via the network.

This is just appalling.

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Quite ridiculous. I have to type 1 word every 10 seconds if I am lucky...

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Are there ways to speed it up? Disable group editing?

Same here.

Thinking about another product. Coda.IO + Something else. JIRA + Confluence all written in Java on the backend. When we pasted lots of data last time. It took 1 minute to recover from the bug and only then we were able to get back online. That happened during the demo in real-time.

2021. Atlassian please:

1. k8s

2. vuejs OR something else

3. golang for the backend


It'll be a good start.

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The sad part is that Atlassian would only care if their shareholders board would kick them in the {insert sensitive places} Otherwise the ex–techies care less about us, the user base anymore. Just see how much the community has offered to help them (for free!) and how much they have been replying. I guess, also, free of charge.

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Well, what if we get a  campaign  to alleviate their problems? If a company competent enough to take on the challenge? 

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Confluence (Cloud) is in fact so slow, that we are moving parts of our documentation to a static generated MkDocs. A normal Confluence page load takes 25-35s and >360 requests, 2,5MiB transfered. People stop using it, because it is so painful.

@atlassian Do you plan anything to do against that performance issue?

Dear Atlassian team,

This is most definitely not an attempt to compare a proof of concept to a real enterprise grade system like yours.

What I'm trying to say that the modern front-end SPA app can and should be light-weight.

We stumbled about this proof of concept today:

Ivor agreed I could share with you this, obviously with a disclaimer that his project was not intended to be a complete Jira implementation. However - play around with his app, watch the API calls, browser resource usage, see the UX etc.

Maybe it will help you guys with some ideas how to trouble shoot and improve your UI.

And, yes, I know you're not using React :)

Hopefully it helps!

OMG that is so AMAZING I almost CRIED! :'( 

I can only DREAM of Jira working this fast.

But Jira is not on top of NodeJS,

Jira does not use reactive libraries,

Jira is... just like godzilla, really... old, ancient, king of monsters..

I can't say how happy it makes me to see that I'm not the only one who can't stand the sluggishness of this system.

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Rick, bravo, bra-vo!

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I hope they hire Ivor for their next UI architect :)

This kinda solves the problems lol

Cloud performance is terrible. Worst app I have to deal with at work. DO SOMETHING.

Same here. It feels like sitting behind a dial up modem.

One company I work for hosts itself, that feels like 10 times the speed, and they run more plugins than my cloud instance.

Honestly, performance is total crap. And no, I'm not going to debug that for you, atlassian. Just take a browser, create a project with a simple workflow, create 5 tickets, move them to edit, comment and close. Sequentially.
This should be doable in 2-3 mins. It is far from that.

Same goes for me. I'm based in New York and a task/sub-task can take 10-20 seconds to open.


It's made it impossible to use during meetings - we can't use JIRA during sprint planning because of the slowness. Everyone has to individually submit changes so that nobody dies of old age while we all sit and watch single sub-tasks be added to the backlog together. 

We have the same issue. Our sprint meeting getting less effective due to this slowness. It constantly hangs. It's worst when we do video conferences across multiple locations.

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if this isnt fixed we will move away within the next 3 weeks, this is not a browser issue, its a jira issue, its making it unusable, damn shame

Shannon S Atlassian Team Jan 28, 2020

@simon @Alex Rada,

I'm so sorry you two are also affected by the slowness in Cloud. We're having a look at instances individually to understand what causes the delay.

Could you please raise a ticket with the Cloud Support Team so we can get a look at your instance and understand what is causing the slowness? 

If either of you have trouble doing that, just let me know and I'll take care of that for you.

Thank you!!



@Shannon S 

I did open a ticket with the Cloud Support Team. We've exchanged info several times, including the performance profiling data, har files etc.

Ticket number: JST-539645. Daniel Woo is helping us.

Really hoping for a fix.

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Shannon S Atlassian Team Jan 29, 2020

Hi Rick!

Thank you for letting me know that. Looks like you're in good hands! 

Take care, and have a pleasant rest of your week.



Hi, any result. What was the root cause of the slowness? Could you please share @Rick Zakharov?

Hi @jiri.lad 


We ended up migrating from Next-gen projects to Classic projects. I'm not aware of architecture differences between the two project types, but it definitely helped us.

The load time went down from 10-30 (!) seconds to 1-5 seconds. Like I said before, 5 seconds is way too long for a modern web app, but at least it's possible to work with Jira now.

Something to really keep in mind if you decide to migrate, like Daniel Woo mentioned - is the user permission scheme.

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I am also frustrated with the painfully slow response time of Jira Cloud. The "golden rule" in web response is 7 seconds. Any response that takes 7 seconds or longer is unacceptable for a web application. Jira cloud is now WAY beyond that and often just hangs. Unacceptable! Jira & Confluence were excellent products that unfortunately have gone downhill fast after the original creators sold out to big US investors.

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I've no hopes this will be acted on anymore... not after all these months - to be honest, the problem was here way before this ticket was created.


Time to start a crusade to change the work's tracking system.

@Tiago Scolari  We have actually started evaluating other systems. If it's helpful there are paid plugins on top of GitHub. You'd have to sacrifice the history data that's currently in Jira though as there is no feasible solution to migrate the data (unless Microsoft write one soon, which I would do if I were them).

I do hope that Atlassian will listen to this though! Realistically speaking there is no equally flexible and extensive system on the market at the moment.

Dear Atlassian team - your community is quite large and there are more then enough experienced architects, cloud, back-end, front-end. I believe you could leverage that. We would get a faster system and you would get more money. Win-win, no?

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Dennis Lu Atlassian Team Jul 16, 2020

Hi Tiago, Rick,

I'm a PM on Confluence Cloud team, and hopefully you'll believe when I say we're definitely working on trying to improve performance (as is the Jira Cloud team).

We know we're very far behind where we need to be for an excellent user experience, but we do have significant efforts in this area.

One thing we could use help with is some specific feedback from users regarding which particular things are the slowest (for example: space overview, pages with a lot of tables, pages with a lot of images, etc).  I understand "everything is slow" is possibility, but the more specific the feedback the better chance we have of tracking and improving it.

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What a truly riveting tale chap, do tell it again!

We've heard the same excuses going back years, we aren't buying it any more unless I have news of serious management restructuring.

I look forward to the day we can move off your platform which we are working on doing every day 

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Dennis Lu Atlassian Team Jul 16, 2020

Hi David,

Well, I'm new here, maybe that counts? :)


In the meantime while you are still using Confluence Cloud, if you have the time to share specific feedback we would love to hear from you.

Oh Dennis,

It's not you personally, I was just being cheeky. As with most companies, it's never just ONE person's fault, especially if you are new here. As we are all adults I think we are fairly well experienced with the typical boilerplate responses to these types of issues, whether from Microsoft or Atlassian or any other company.

The issues with Jira, and Atlassian as a whole run deep. The issues are endemic - feature requests for basic functionality have been open for years. I can't be arsed to go get examples but they should not be hard to find. 

I wish you and the company success, I really do. But MS365 and other alternatives are looking mighty fine :)

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For what it's worth, I ran into the issue where the UI was refreshing very slowly—even populating status lists to update a ticket's status was taking several seconds. Also loading comments and other seemingly quick actions. I went into the developer console and cleared out all localstorage, session storage, cookies, and cache data for our Atlassian Cloud site, then reloaded the page and it's working much better now. YMMV.

happens to us as well. Is definitely wrong on atlassian side, I'll probaly move away from it.

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@Bret Van Horn Hi Bret, any chance you could explain in a bit more depth how you accessed this console and cleared the cookies? 

Hi @David Aguilera Sure. To get to the console in Chrome:


To open the developerconsolewindow onChrome,usethe keyboard shortcut Ctrl Shift J (on Windows) or Ctrl Option J (onMac). Alternatively, you canusetheChromemenu in thebrowserwindow, select the option "More Tools," and then select "Developer Tools."


From there, there will be some tabs, click on "Application."

In the left pane, you will see Local Storage, Session Storage, and "Cookies." Expand all three.

Right-click on the URL in all three, and choose "Clear."

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 11.33.50 AM.png

That should do it after a refresh, but to be safe, log out, clear your browser cache, then quit and relaunch your browser and log in again. 

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@Bret Van Horn thank you for the guide sir. Unfortunately it did not help! 

Hello Atlassian Team,


Jira is super slow for us too. Loading times between 4-20 seconds for every click.

It is extremely annoying to work with that especially when you setup task and change status.

We are currently using the free version but had plans to upgrade to paid plan for 500-1k employees but with the experience of the free version i can't recommend to roll out the software in the company.

I tried to raise a ticket but it seems not possible for free users therefore i give this feedback here.

Using your site i also realised that the loading times for the community it self are also kinda slow compared to other websites, this to me indicates some major design flaws in the web apps developed by altassian.

If i am wrong and there is a way to get more speed i am more than eager to use Jira company wide if it is a pleasureful experience.


Best regards.

Hi everyone, posting here will not change much. Atlassian has public issue tracker where based on votes, they take issues in consideration. As such, I have created a performance improvement ticket:

CONFCLOUD-69740: Confluence is very slow, please improve the performance

Please go to that page and put your votes. Thanks 🙏

Hi, I have just voted. Bad think is that there is just 4 votes so far. 
As I read a lot about bad performance is there a change to focus votes to one place and put this topic as a prioritz for the atlassian? 

I created the ticket last Friday, so 4 votes is already very good :)

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I voted and also linked my ticket which deals with the exact same issue.

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After being a happy confluence user / consultant for more than 10 years now I am looking for ways to become less dependent from a single provider. One idea is to move all structured data from confluence into a postgres database via the fantastic PlaySQL Plugin. Anybody interested in discussing strategy just pm me. 


Like the others, all the tools except trello are definitly slow to the point it became unusable because it's frustrating compared to most of the web apps out there. We migrated our wiki to Confluence and now I regret it, because day to day, it's a pain to deal with.

Also, seeing that EVERYONE had issues for years even prior to this question and it still hasn't improved is definitely not a good sign. It doesn't seem like something that can be solved.

Opening a ticket to the cloud support team won't help, as it's not related to a single use-case, it's the whole platform!

We'll move in a few weeks but definitely not happy about it, we enjoy the features from both Jira and Confluence and it's always time consuming to move

We have an old jira on-premise and a cloud instance. The on-premise also wasn't quick but it's lightning fast compared to the jira cloud instance. The UI is so slow I'm having members of our team complaining more and more about jira.

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We had Atlassian team help us migrate from Next-Gen projects into Classic projects. There are some issues but we can leave with them as a good trade-off for the speed.

The Classic projects in Jira Cloud are as fast as our old Jira Server on-prem. We have response times of 1-4 seconds on average. It's not super-fast but we can at least work with it.

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Daniel Woo Atlassian Team Mar 02, 2020

If the performance issue is related to Next-gen board as @Rick Zakharov stated above, it's also important to keep in mind that Next-gen projects behave differently than Classic projects in terms of permissions, notifications and anything that has the concept of scheme.

In this documentation it states that:

  • Project access: Access to classic projects is controlled by a permissions scheme. Only your Jira admin can update your classic project's permission scheme. Learn more.

Which takes us to a page that contains a diagram that explains how these permissions work for example. 

If you have a business requirement that only allows certain groups of users to have access to particular projects, it might be a good idea to, after creating the classic projects to migrate to, consider creating separate permission schemes to each project, configuring each of them according to each project's requirement.

Summarizing it: keep in mind that Next-gen and Classic work differently in terms of how to configure permissions.

Best regards,
Daniel Woo | Atlassian Cloud Support

Jira cloud is very slow for us as well. Using Chrome, but definitely a bad experience.

Same for us. But it's been slow for a long time. Really a pain. Considering migrating to something else if things don't change. 

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I have 3 Jira boards open. Each of them consuming from 2 to 3 GB of RAM on according to Chrome task manager. Incredibly slow!

Shannon S Atlassian Team Dec 30, 2019

Hi Rick,

Thank you for bringing this up to us. Could you please raise a ticket with Cloud Support so we can take a look and see what might be causing this?

Thank you!!



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Any news on this problem ?

  • What did the support ticket raised ?
  • What are the conclusion of the investigations ?



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2 votes
Daniel Eads Atlassian Team May 01, 2019

Hey all,

I just wanted to add some context that our current metrics show almost all Confluence Cloud requests being delivered to the browser (might take the browser a little more time after that to render the page) in about 3 seconds or less. If you're not getting this experience, follow the articles in Shannon's answer to narrow down the cause and open a case with our support team.

Daniel | Atlassian Support

Do you also have render time metrics? Every time I open a different page I can get a news article to load/render, e.g. all those ad bloatware on a news site loads faster than your application. That's a fairly low bar to hit and you didn't exceed it.

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3 seconds or less? I don't know what standards you have at Atlassian, but now I begin to understand. 3 seconds is clearly too slow. This is the order of magnitude where it's not just a minor performance flaw, it's where productivity is severly affected:

Could it be optimized so that 90 percent of requests are below 500ms and total uncached page load times to be below 1 second for 90 percent of requests?

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There are well know UI/UX standards.

Please do read:

"“…users get impatient and notice that they’re waiting for a slow computer to respond… after about 10 seconds, the average attention span is maxed out."

Please note that end users do not care how fast a request is delivered to the browser. The care about the User Experience as a whole. I wrote in another post that having 3 Jira boards open in any browser will take away from 5 GB to 8 GB of RAM, making the slower hardware unusable.

Also, 3 seconds for a request time is a far cry from what most of AWS services is able deliver (single digit milliseconds, if it's hundreds one should seriously start staring in the general direction of your architect team).

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+1 on the opinion that 3 seconds or less to load a site is 600% too long. For comparison, Facebook consistently loads below 1 second. But then again, they actually care about performance (GraphQL, etc.) unlike Atlassian. You need to wake up. Like someone said, if another company emerges with the same set of features, then you're done.

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Hi Daniel, no idea what you are measuring but our not very big next-gen jira board takes about 7-15 seconds to load and I'm sitting on a 250Mbit symmetric fiber link. It makes 130 requests.


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For an empty in-cached kanban page, it takes 11 seconds to load.

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Hi, I'd just like to add to this: Jira in a browser on Windows is indeed strangely slow (i'm a new user). Why not make a desktop verison for it, like with Trello?

Guys, seriously?! You still have those issues? Please do contact us at :) We want to help!

@Rik Viergever , there is a OSX version that is faster.  But not on windows.

Jira needs so much processing power from my laptop (MacBook Pro late 2013). In the next Apple keynote event they will probably start using Jira as one of the benchmarks: "Jira issues open 2.5 times faster" 😃. I'm hoping the new MacBook with M1 will be able to open these issues faster. 

its very slow here too. I think its not only because of this JSP application, but performance of cloud server as well.

Shannon S Atlassian Team Feb 22, 2019


Please feel free to reach out to the support team if you're experiencing slowness on your Cloud instance.




There is definitely a huge problem with your application. It has no need, and no right to be delivering a 15-20MB payload on most project page loads. The 2-3MB payload on JIRA server is bad enough, but that just takes it to a whole other level of insanity. The transferred size doesn't matter when my browser needs to unpack that much total payload size of mostly javascript, and then parse it on the main thread, it is atrociously slow.

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Shannon S Atlassian Team Jun 11, 2019

Hello Nevin,

Thank you for following-up on this thread. We'd really love to get more information about the performance issues you are experiencing. It will help us out if you can obtain the troubleshooting information we require per the two articles I sent earlier:

Please send these details to our Confluence Cloud Support Team so we can get to the bottom of this!

If you are on Jira Server instead of Cloud, I would ask that you make sure you have the relevant troubleshooting information from the following article:

Please also include a copy of your HAR file from above. You can then send that to our support team and they can help you out with this.

Thank you for your understanding!



Hi Shannon,

Could you give us some visibility on your current work & roadmap at Atlassian related to having a usable JiRA Cloud experience ? End user performance is the #1 criterion when you use 5hours+ a PM tool.

We are many reporting problems related to the heavy weight of the HTML pages (javascript huge scripts being probably one of the source of the problem).

It's a pity the cloud experience is so bad, as it's supposed the easy way to explore the tool.

You should definitively consider real use cases with people using your tool from Europe, using decent Intel i5 core 2Ghz/4Cores with "only" 8GB" RAM under firefox, and measure yourself the 8s to 10seconds required to display the active sprint or the backlog page. 

I have two projects with 15 engineeers and no more than 3000 tickets... It's not what I called "big projects".

Please, do notreply by requesting a support request. JIRA should help me manage my teams, and I don't want to bother to dig more into the reason of this slowness. It's not my job.

I wish you a good day,

Kind regards,


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Update on this : we resigned our JIRA subscription.

1 vote
Shannon S Atlassian Team Mar 07, 2018

Hi there,

It could be any number of things. The best thing to do first is to review this article:

Please make sure to follow all troubleshooting steps to narrow down your issue.

Failing that, you can generate a HAR file and review it to see what might be causing the slowness:

Let us know if you have any trouble.



If you read the comments on this page it should be clear that what you consider good (3 second page load time) is what everyone else considers a problem.

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Hi @Pimin Konstantin Kefaloukos, @[deleted]  I see 6-12 second load times consistently. I just get the strong impression Cloud Confluence (or probably JIRA) don't have a viable architecture for performance.

They're doing way too much in front-end JS, with hugely scattered data fetching (650 requests to load a page, of which 100 are over the network).

It all just seems pretty clear to me.

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"The first impression users have of how fast your site loads can be measured with First Contentful Paint (FCP). But how fast your site can paint pixels to the screen is just part of the story. Equally important is how responsive your site is when users try to interact with those pixels!

The First Input Delay (FID) metric helps measure your user's first impression of your site's interactivity and responsiveness.

What is a good FID score? #

To provide a good user experience, sites should strive to have a First Input Delay of 100 milliseconds or less. To ensure you're hitting this target for most of your users, a good threshold to measure is the 75th percentile of page loads, segmented across mobile and desktop devices."

JIRA in our case is extremely slow, is hosted by Atlassian Cloud and we use it for only that single project and boy this is slow... 

So slow,  I try to minimize my interaction with JIRA to the minimum because it is simply un-workable really.  Don't even try to do scrum planning live anymore,  you will get frustrated for sure and the entire team will simply be waiting for JIRA to refresh and the coordinator to manage moving stuff or editing stuff around.  Planning are 80% wait on JIRA now and 20% value.  We are doing planning offline and have someone enter the stuff in JIRA now because of this incredibly slow performance and lag.

JIRA and Confluence were so nice many years ago but looks like they are falling apart.  This extreme slowness is a major concern.  This has been going for quite sometime also... 

Might be time to look for alternative product to replace JIRA...  


Example of Atlassian Cloud performance when doing CTRL-R on filter "Reported by me"


No wonders JIRA is soooo slow and lag like no tomorrow. 40.6MB of resources downloaded ?!

But 40MB of data isn't much with a decent internet connection. That should take "no time" to download for you. Also, a lot of the page is probably loaded and usable in seconds, but there might be calls that takes longer time underneath without interrupting the HMI interaction. I just tested my backlog with 150 active items and it took less than 5 seconds before I could interact the the issues. What is your page load time before interaction is possible?

Hi Peder, 

A internet speed test shows 65MBps. 

The problem is that even if you have partial UI element loaded, the entire UI is very laggy until it is fully loaded.  Scrolling is choppy and not very responsive,  etc.   A lot of button are not usable until the UI is fully loaded also.  For example,  changing the status on the bug is not possible until the UI is fully loaded as the button isn't enable even if we can see it.

I did a test again this morning and it takes about 7 seconds to be fully loaded and responsive -- much better then yesterday.  I guess maybe there is less traffic on the Atlassian cloud this morning as yesterday it was a good 30+ seconds before stuff were loaded.  Result will definitely varies across the day.


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Since when is 40Mb "small?!" That's a ton of data. Maybe your connection is better than mine but it definitely does not take me "no time." Some parts of the world are stuck on poor quality internet, including even parts of the US. If Atlassian has any UX people, they should be jumping up and down over the experience for people who wait 60s for 5Mb of download. 40Mb is just insane...

Like Rick Zakharov likes this

40MB is really not acceptable, also the "computing" time after all scripts are loaded is just a killer.

The time it takes from clicking on a ticket, to see it's opening and fully loading is mind-blowing slow, good luck if you accidentally clicked a link and it didn't open in a new window but just replaced your current tab, you will need to press back and wait another eternity... and these are just a few of the many pain points of using Jira.

Honestly, I've been using it for different companies for maybe 5 years now, and I only saw it getting slower, never faster. (and the machines/internet connection I had since then has only got better over time).

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@antoine.lemieux you gave me access to your Jira instance (don't know why :D). I locked through your six projects, could not find any issues. But the load time for the backlog was very fast for everyone, both Kanban and Scrum.

Hi @Peder Alm ,

You have access?  this is very concerning lol I never granted access.  Do we have a security breach in JIRA cloud ?!

I will ask our JIRA admin to look into it right away. Thanks for letting me know.

You probably end-up listing some old / in-active project not the one we are using.. I tested using a new account and it is concerning indeed that some project are open freely like this.  I have notified our JIRA Admin ;) -- Many thanks for your help.



Hi @antoine.lemieux 


The link you gave me above gave me direct access. I looks like you have auto accept for all invitation requests enabled :)

The NUANCE-2 issue loads in 3-4 seconds for me

yeah this isn't the project suffering speed concerns and we have notify the admin ;)  Thanks again for pointing that out to me.  Greatly appreciated.

We had a strange page load problem with just one of our Jira boards (Backlog view and Sprint view). It turned out to be that Card colours was enabled with "based on: Assignees". Each real user had one colour, but (my guess) for every new issue that we created (with default assignee=Unassigned), this Card colour list got one additional row. Look at my picture and look at the scroll bar symbol. This is a long list (like hundred of Unassigned rows)!


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An update on Confluence Cloud customer feedback – June 2022

Hi everyone, We’re always looking at how to improve Confluence and customer feedback plays an important role in making sure we're investing in the areas that will bring the most value to the most c...

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