Is there a way to insert a JIRA Issue collector into Confluence Cloud?

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February 9, 2021

I created an issue collector on my Jira project and was expecting to add it to my confluence page via HTML or java macro, but both seem to be unavailable in the cloud.


Is there any way to do this without having to buy an add-in?

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February 11, 2021

Hello there @danny.marti!

Currently, the only way to include a Jira Issue Collector in Confluence Cloud is by using a HTML Macro.

The HTML macro is not natively present on our Cloud platform for security reasons. There are, however, third-party options to this:

[Atlassian Marketplace] Confluence Cloud - HTML

You can check more details about the Jira Issue Issue Collector here:

Let us hear from you!

Nelson Abbey July 14, 2021

cloud integration between JIRA and COnfluence is terrible frankly, really disappointed

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Marcel Kleinlütke November 15, 2021

the issue collector is a great piece of possibilities... I am asking myself what we can do to use it in the case of secured enviroments... Webpage in the www has a collector on it and the JIRA is in a company network without possibilies beside vpn to open from outside that network....

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LCD November 20, 2021

It's a bit weird that the two Atlassian products don't integrate better. Am I wrong? I almost expected there to be a macro specifically for Jira Issue Collector in confluence...

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December 7, 2021

I'm really not wanting to pay for an HTML Macro app just to integrate something that Atlassian should be providing.  I really need to have an issue collector in one of my internal Confluence pages.

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Ashley Sainsbury
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March 25, 2022

Completely agree with the lack of integration between Jira and Confluence.  This seems like an easy win

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Chris Klein
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Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
March 25, 2022

Its sad to me its easier to embed an issue collector on a google site than it is on one of Atlassian's own products. Wow...

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mweeks March 28, 2022

Is there a "feature" request somewhere in your backlog we can all go and upvote to make this addition.  Seems a HUGE oversight to have built this Issue Collector Option - but not let it be integrated natively into the tools meant to collaborate. 

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LCD March 28, 2022

Thank you mweeks. Voted. Mobile users please note that in order to see the "vote" link on the issue, you will need to have your browser render the page in desktop mode.

Nelson Abbey March 29, 2023

Worklfow should really start with "Kicking the Can Down the Road Mate"

William Wilson May 17, 2023

Good lord almighty in the heaven's above!

So. Let's just break this down.

Atlassian makes Jira.

Atlassian makes Confluence. 

I can embed a Jira issue or filter into Confluence, no problem.

I can embed an issue collector elsewhere in the world easily, with NO REGARD for security.

I can not embed an issue collector into a Confluence page, which is a side by side sibling product. Part of a suit of products, all marketed to "work together".

Why? Because it requires it to be wrapped in an HTML macro... which is insecure. HOWEVER... And oddly enough... if you want to pay for a third party add-on, the security concern magically vanishes!

And... this is where it gets annoying.

can use "forms" (if the project is a work management project) to embed a "form" that collects issues in a confluence page... 

The FORM is not insecure enough to cause Atlassian to hamstring it!!!

Embedded Jira issues are not insecure!

But... They say the COLLECTOR *IS* insecure. Because, it must be wrapped in an HTML macro. HOWEVER... AGAIN... Using "Forms" is fine!!! AND... if you PAY for an add-on, no worries! Use the collector ALL YOU LIKE!


Friends. This is gaslighting at it's finest. This is also what happens when Atlassian collects revenue from the add-on marketplace AND it's core product. 

All internal work to add value to the product grinds to a halt, because it is not generating ADDED revenue as part of the core product. It is only by pushing simple things like this off to the marketplace that they will generate ADDITIONAL revenue above and beyond the now over-priced core products that continue to see features dropped in favor of the marketplace add-ons. As is evidenced here.

The evidence shows repeatedly that, as Atlassian customers, our voices mean nothing to Atlassian as a company.

It's time to start looking elsewhere when doing our roadmap planning.

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Justin A September 26, 2023

The Issue Collector, which has begin and end timestamp fields, and has been Marketed alongside Team Calendars, such that Issue Collector can be connected to one or more calendars, as if each is a resource -- a person to meet with, or conference room, or a pickup truck, but CANNOT do collision detection to prevent double booking! Is it a one-way REST call? Could this be done with AJAX, and a setting to allow/disallow overlapping events??

Yes, it does seem that all new development has left the building, or are hard at work fixing the clould implementation. Perhaps those who did the initial bulk work building up these apps have all left with a steep brain-drain.

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