Is it possible de prefill a page title based on a template variable ?

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I'm trying to define a page title though a template by using variable. Is it a way to do that ?

Something like pagetitle=$myvariable

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My need is that in my template I created a variable.

I used the template, fill the variable and go on step 2.


In this step, I want that the name of my page is prefilled with the variable I've filled on step 1. Is it possible ?

Is it possible to add this variable inside a component in the template ?

This is basically the same request as the OP has asked. 

His question has been answered, but for me the provided solution does not work.

I dont know if there is a easier way, but you can create a user macro to do  that. I have tested and this works:

## @noparams

$( "input[name='variableValues.VARIABLENAME']" ).change(function(){




Note: $( "input[name='variableValues.VARIABLENAME']" ) --> Replace VARIABLENAME for the name of your variable. I used input for text variable, but you will need to use select for list variable.

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Thanks for answer.

But how can I create an user macro if I'm only a space administrator ?

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Check if you have the html macro and you will only need to include the script ; otherwise, you will need to ask your admin

Nope. I need to see with admins. Thanks. If I'll put this script in my template, when I will create a page based on this template, it will automatically copy my variable in the title section when I go on step 2 ?

Is this an option in Confluence Cloud? I can't find it in the General Configuration menu that the Confluence 5.9 documentation talks about -- but that the Confluence Cloud documentation doesn't mention :-(

This works, but I'm trying to have the page title contain other static text.  I can't quite figure out this language.

Basically, I want the title to be something like "IT-DOC - $Application$ Recovery Plan" where $Application$ is the variable that the user enters when creating the page from the template.

Can anyone help with this?


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A bit on the side, but where do you find out about stuff like 


I am completely lost on making User Macros with the slightest finesse :-( 

in google chrome, open dev tools (ctrl-shift-i) then look at the code. You'll be able to find the form and its elements, which gives you their names. 

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I am trying to get this PageTitle to work and just can get around to making it happen. Anybody have a detailed example or step by step?

I have a working user macro which I am able to pull off the variables from. But everytime I create the page from the template, the title always shows empty and I need to manually enter some data into it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've searched left and right for more detailed information.

It would be nice to be able to insert custom variables in the title parameter of the Create from Template Macro.  Anyone have any ideas when this will be possible?

following the solutions given previously, I have created my own variation that takes multiple fields from my template to create the page title:

var partnum,majver,minver,prodname;
$("input[name='variableValues.prodname' ]").change(function() {





note that the macro is triggered when 'prodname' gets entered, so it has to be the last field that the user is likely to enter otherwise the earlier fields will be empty.

Hi Andy,

Did you make this for server or for cloud?

Hi Andy,

So I've got this working, but I had a few questions. 

I had to add the variables to the template. Since this information is captured in the page title, I DO NOT want to display is again. How can this be hidden?

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Apr 16, 2020

Hi all

There would be a really easy workaround for this. 

Confluence Server

You can add the "Create from Template" macro on any page. There you can choose the template and the template name. No if you click the button, it will generate a subpage with the template and your template name.

Confluence Cloud

It's the same as server. Here's the Cloud documentation for "Create from Template".

The downside is, you can't create the page from the navigation. You have to go the page and click the button. 

Regards, Dominic

Hello Dominic,
I'm visiting this page because that doesn't work. Of course you can "create from template". The problem is that I'd like to have the users add variables and thereby create the page name. In our case, "logbook_WPx_subject". I'd like the users to fill in the x, and the subject, and then the page will be created with the title. For instance, fill in 2 for x, and "understanding confluence" for subject, and I'd like to get a page "logbook_WP2_understanding confluence". 
Is this possible in Cloud? I was not able to do it:


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I have the same question, the "Create from template" only seems work for one variable out of a list of 3 pre-defined variables. 

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I'm an space admin. There have been a lot of changes. Can I still do this?

I guess this question has the merite to get answered. I've been trying without success... perhaps this feature is no longer available?

Not a complete solution, but if you use the Create Template macro there is a field in the dialog for "Title of page to be created"

You can't use template variables (that I know of), but at least you can give the person creating the page a hint as to what name you should be using.

This code below can be added to a user macro to combine a template variable projectID with another template variable projectName to form a page title. Just intercept the submit event for the filltemplateform. I added some basic data verification to ensure projID is a number between 2 and 5 digits. 


let projID = $( "input[name='variableValues.projectID']" ).val();
if (projID.length < 2 || isNaN(projID)){
alert("Invalid value - Project ID must be numerical between 2 and 5 digits");
projID + " - " + $( "input[name='variableValues.projectName']" ).val());


It's an old topic but I still can not find a solution for it in Confluence 5.10.

As Raspdealer has written I would like to achieve the same two simple(?) things:

  • use variable values of templates in the pagetitle
  • use variable values of templates in macros

Anybody has accomplished that somehow?



1. Create a user macro that accepts a parameter. I slightly modified the code Nelson provided.

2. Add a variable to the template page (use IE and not Chrome). $Meeting Date

3. Add a section to the template page, type in the following and then press Enter: {mtg-date-page:pageName = Weekly Status Meeting}

User Macro Code: 

## @param pageName=Page Name|type=string|desc=This is the general name of the page. It will be appended to the date value which is stored in the Meeting Date variable on the page template.
var pageTitle= "$parampageName";

$("input[name='variableValues.Meeting Date']" ).change(function(){
$("form[name='filltemplateform']").find("input[name='title']").val($(this).val() + " " + pageTitle)








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That works great for one variable in a template, but what if I want to set the page title based upon two variables in a template?

Hello Ian,

Did you find a solution for your issue?

I'm struggling with slightly similar challagne. I would like my template to be creating a pages with a name composed out of three variables. and I still haven't figured out how to do that.

Best regards,



Another question to community.

Let say that a template request a variable called "$variable1" beeing a string. How to define in a macro a parameter/variable "$variable2" having the same value as "$variable1" from the template?

Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm not programmer.

Thanks and regards,


I've created the user macro and added it to the top of my template page but it's not creating the title automatically. I'm using the "create from template" button on the main page to call the template that has the macro on it.

What Body processing option should be chosen?

Any suggestions?


why does this work:

$("form[name='filltemplateform']").find("input[name='title']").val($(this).val() + " " + pageTitle)

but the following does not?

$(pageTitle + " " + "form[name='filltemplateform']").find("input[name='title']").val($(this).val())

What do i have to do to put the pageTitle in front?

Or how can I set an underscore ("_") at the beginning?



found out myself:

<script type="text/javascript">

$("input[name='variableValues.Programmname']" ).change(function(){
$("form[name='filltemplateform']").find("input[name='title']").val("_" + $(this).val())


Can someone help explain how to do this using an HTML macro? I can't create a user macro so I have to add this script in the HTML macro but that doesn't seem to pass the variable to the title. 


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I've got the same question as Nicky

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Actually, I got it working in the HTML macro using the following:

<script type="text/javascript"> 

AJS.toInit(function() {

AJS.$("input[name='variableValues.VARIABLENAME']" ).change(function(){
AJS.$("form[name='filltemplateform']").find("input[name='title']").val($(this).val()) })


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Thanks! I'm completely new to the HTML macro.  Could you give me any direction on how to look into setting it up?

Basically I'm using a section in confluence for meeting notes, and everyone on the team is confused by why they can't create notes with the same name.  I'd like them to click to create a page, and for that title to be pre filled with some information for them that would make it unique.  

To be honest, I’m not sure how this would would in your use case.

For me, I am using this with a custom created template.  In that template, I use custom variables, and this script passes that variable to the page title in step 2 of the template creation process. So, my template page uses one variable in 3 places on the page where I’d like the same content displayed, and I also want this to be the name of the page.

I would say in your case, maybe create a “meeting notes” template.  In your confluence space, go to space tools (bottom left) > content tools > create new template.

In your template, add variables as needed and use the above script (in an HTML macro) to pass the that variable to the page title. 

Then, use the “create from template” macro to add a button somewhere that your users can use to create a new meeting notes page from your template.

Nicky's approach with HTML makro does work, using Confluence 7.13 DC.

And is it possible to add this variable in a component ? For example a JIRA Macro ?




You can use the add-page-form macro from Linking Plugin. It is a free plugin.




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