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Steve Wlodarczyk January 15, 2021

Using the import word document feature.  Once the import is done, you cannot click on the images to open them up.  Previously, you could see all images and hover over to open a larger, better resolution version.  Now it just says "Open Link in a new tab" when you hover over the images. 

Also, when you create a new page, and use Import Word Beta, instead of a template, it says it imports the file, but there is no content.  Once you publish the page it displays a label that says "This editor does not support displaying this content".

Not sure if something has changed with the Import Word feature since early December, but it is definitely not working as it was before.


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Brian April 20, 2022

Oops - more of a question, than an answer this is... :


I'm still running confluence 7.4.11, and whenever I import a Word document to confluence, it actually shows quite nice. 
But if I dare to try "Edit", it will reveal that everyt blody thing is converted/imported to/as WikiMarkup.  And that is fairly annoying to say the least. 

Is it still like that in newer versions, or did Atlassian manage to put on the "thinking hat" properly? 

I can't be bothered with pages I need to sit and edit as Wikimarkup after import, so I just do not import Word - into this "cheap" piece of enterprise-ready professional software :D 

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January 18, 2021

Hello @Steve Wlodarczyk !

As I understand, importing Word files into Confluence is not working as intended. I tried to replicate it with a simple Word Document, but was unable to.

Here is what the Word file looks like in both Word and Confluence:

Word Document

Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 12.09.06.png


Confluence Page

Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 12.09.24.png

And here is what happens when I click the image:



The picture showing the Word document in Confluence shows the page created via the “Beta Import” feature that lives within the page editor currently:

With this in mind, I would like to ask you a few questions about the word document that you were trying to import. Here we go:

  1. What type of content lives within this Word file?
  2. Is this behavior present if you try to import a word file other than the one you described?

Let us hear from you!

Steve Wlodarczyk January 19, 2021

Diego, thanks for responding.  Correct, it works great with simple word documents, that are fairly small in size.  Text comes through as well as images hyper/hover.  The problem persists with all the documents I am trying and the only common thing they have is they are all large documents (7mb to 25mb).  A few weeks ago I also determined that it didn't like TOCs and some other features, so I removed those with much better results. 

However, not sure if it doesn't like amount of images or size of document, but still has problems.  In one example I have a 72 page document that is 15mb in size.  It has simple text and images in it, nothing else.  There are roughly 40 images in there.  Every time it fails to work.  So I started scaling it down in multiple documents and that seemed to work.  So I assume it is an overall document size limit or image limit???

So for now my workaround is to take my larger documents and break them into multiple pages and then copy and paste from each of the pages into my one page.  More time consuming and tedious, but at least I get the final output.



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Brian April 21, 2022

Quick question:  (to @Diego probably?) 

When you have imported those Word files to Cofluence, and succeed in the sense that it's readable on the Confluence page and resembles what was in Word  -  
And you then dare to attempt editing the imported page again, in Confluence - what then happens? 

Will you then be editing  a normal Confluence pages with contents.

Or will confluence reveal that it converted the Word file into a useless (to me, anyway) "garbled incoherent mess" of "Wiki Markup" in one huge chunk of a text block, with references out to some webdav:images-link mumbojumbo.  

I am running confluence 7.4 (so your flavor/version might act different?) 

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