How to set line spacing in Confluence?


How to set line spacing in confluence

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Shift + Enter only works when you are actively typing line-by-line.  Having to remember to do that every time is super annoying.  But if you decide to paste the contents of a paragraph(like from and email) then you have to go back and fix all the double spacing....this is beyond annoying.  When single line spacing isn't the default, like every other editor in the world, is just ridiculous.  At least give us a formatting option or something.

I concur with the above users.  I want to enter pseudo-code.  This consists of a single like followed by indented likes.  Since all lines seem to be double spaced, it looks horrible.  Using the hard return prevents you from doing a indent on the next line, all lines get indented, including the previous one.  Even using the code style still used double spacing.

If Atlassian wants to be a serious contender for software developers, they need to have a real single spaced line type.

In my company we are already looking for a different tool. Atlassian and concerning ScrollVersions the k15t company never take care of the user's needs. You can easily see here in the community forum that there are serious requests which are many years old without any answer from Atlassian.

Matthias Gaiser _K15t_
Community Leader
Community Leader
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Dec 03, 2023

@Bernd Schneider, I'm from K15t (the company behind the app Scroll Versions which you've mentioned). I can ensure you that we're actively listening to our user's needs and seek to find a solution which fits best to our customers and the technical possibilities.

In this specific case, Scroll Versions is not designed for solving Confluence editor problems but rather for version everything within a space.

If there's anything you'd like to raise with us, feel free to contact our support team.

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Absolutely correct. This particular problem has nothing to do with ScrollVersions. My comment was more about all the problems we have, incuding things like impossible Merge in ScrollVersions which is connected to the abyssmal compare display for versions (true for ScrollVersions and Confluence) etc. And concerning the handling of Merge and other problems we always got the message "we won't fix it". And we raised these issues years ago. But this is not the place here, correct.

Matthias Gaiser _K15t_
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
Dec 04, 2023

I understand, Bernd, and I'm sorry to hear about that.

I wasn't involved in all the details of what you're talking about. I'm not sure if you're aware that due to Confluence's Server EOL, we're shifting our development efforts away from Scroll Versions towards Scroll Documents. The architecture behind Scroll Documents allows us to maintain a common Data Center and Cloud Version of the app with improvements and new features for both platforms.

If you want to raise one of the specific issues with us again, please let our support team know.

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Jennifer Cocozzo
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Nov 29, 2023

Why isn't there a "no spacing" option like in Word? I use this to take notes from meetings and often need to copy and paste my notes into another platform. It would be really helpful if everything wasn't automatically double-spaced.

You can just press Shift + Enter.
Which also works in these comment boxes! 

Alternatively, there is the "No Format" Macro which does this by default but then you will naturally lose all formatting for any text within this space. 

Hope this helps!

Additionally there doesn't appear to be a way to change the settings of line spacing defaults.

Isn't Shift + Enter simply adding a line between lines?

That's quite different from line spacing. Not to mention I have to do it every-single-line...

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Yes this is not a sustainable solution. Please add a setting per document. 

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I concur.  you can simply swap Enter and Shift+Enter as Enter for a single line is the natural key across virtually all programs.  then for those users who it has become natural, they can go to the settings and apply the swap.  call your setting oneLineShift = false by default

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@Marcus Tang, you might want to be careful about using unprofessional language on a public forum.

Anyone semi-technical working for your employer would be able to create a login, and check how you're behaving, in here.

You don't have to be a vehicle driver deliberately splash-soaking a pedestrian (this actually happened) to be found out and disciplined, or even fired (that also actually happened).

Shift-Enter doesn't format line spacing. It is a manual line break. As far as I know - strangely! - there is no possibility to change line spacing.

Just came here to ask the same question! A soft return isn't an optimal way to keep associated lines together because if you have an item and want to show (for example) sub-items related to that, indenting will move the whole paragraph in.

My use case is: I jumped to Confluence for some basic run sheets/lists - because OneNote in every guise I tried, couldn't keep sync'd data sync'd and after four years of remaking stuff, I'd had enough. These are just lists. Practically a galley of text. Is that so hard?

Anyway... I'd add the ability to paragraph space as a must-have for Confluence.

Meanwhile, I am revising how I format my stuff.

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