How to left align for pages in confluence

Nathan Nguyễn February 22, 2019


Currenly all page content in my confluence is center align.How do I make it left align for all page in my space. 

Thank you


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paul.clenahan July 30, 2019

Hey - Cool. The Confluence team updated the new editor to allow you to set the "page" to be full width. So you can now choose.

If you do go full width, it forces all tables to also go full width which is less than ideal though.

mrwizzard November 20, 2019

this is still stupid and tables inside layouts have scroll bars.... you also can't adjust the width of any table... it's either center or 100%.  

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Patrick Nelson February 7, 2020

Since this is so unintuitive, it took me a few seconds to figure out what you were talking about. Here's a screenshot to help everyone else find it a little more quickly:


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Caryn Wong May 19, 2022

thanks for the screenshot! :)

Lauren Smith February 2, 2023

Thank you for the candor and use of unintuitive!

Koel Das
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November 24, 2023

Still in the centre of the page :(  I'd appreciate to be able to align it to the left of the page

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Peter Simon July 9, 2019

I'll add another "same here". Would like to be able to left align the whole page.

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Alexis July 3, 2019

Why don't we get answer from confluence?!

That doesn't make any sense, 50% of the width isn't used!

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Peter Balon May 17, 2019

Same problem here, - new cloud Confluence instance -

The tables start to scroll sideways even there is space left, very inconvenient.


Do anyone has a solution?

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Mario Wäspi July 10, 2019

Same Problem here... Atlassian any help from you guys??

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paul.clenahan June 19, 2019

I'll add another "same here". Would like to be able to left align the whole page.

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Patrick Escarcega June 14, 2019

Same here, is there a solution to this problem??

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carlosinvision May 21, 2019

Same here, I'd like to know how to align the pages left.

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AleSSBT March 23, 2022

Same here! why it is not possible to align a table or text?

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Brent Duran May 11, 2020

Same here - we need the ability to left-, center-, or right-justify the page.  Not just either be centered OR full-width.  It makes no sense to restrict page centering as it is now.

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Gareth Monk July 16, 2019

Same here. I can see a cloud instance bought a while ago where all content is left-aligned, but after setting up a new instance to demo to our department head, everything is center aligned and wide tables with a centered paragraph above and below looks...rubbish.

I'm almost embarrassed to demo this and I'm currently looking at alternatives.

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Philip Barrett July 15, 2019

Same problem here...

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Bill Bailey
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February 24, 2019

Are you talking about being centered in a browser window? They way nearly all web content is now?

paul.clenahan July 15, 2019

The issue for me is that we are not effectively able to use the screen-width. For example, I frequently have tables embedded in my page. Tables are an easy way to present information in a very consumable way. I also find I have to make the tables wider since I have 5+ columns, some with "comments" type content.

So you end up with a page that looks very strange with narrow content, then wide content (tables), then narrow content. All center aligned.

I'd like to have control over the width of the page, and how my content is aligned.

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Aaron September 28, 2020

very little web content is centred where there is also a left hand nav that is separately left aligned, and other elements on the page which are full width (ie. comments)

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Ed Lazor March 5, 2021

Agreed, the whole page should be left aligned and then allow you to configure whether the page is fixed width, wider, or full page width.  It's odd having a big gap between the page and the left nav.

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Jose Solorio October 8, 2020

@Nathan Nguyễn  This is also happening to me but I was able to find a workaround: If you have any confluence pages that were created using the old legacy template, just clone one of those and copy-paste your page contents to that and save it and just never convert it to the new layout if the popup box asks you to convert it. Worked for me. 

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Alex Atkinson April 16, 2020

Same here... Atlassian will build a V2 Confluence before fixing the basic problems with this one.  :/

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Chris Johnson February 10, 2020

This is exactly the same issue I have here why waste the layout and have blank space! Ideally this should be user configurable!

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Allison McGuire February 3, 2020

I would also like to know how to remedy this.  It is not ideal of pages with lots of information and tables.  

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XineBBSA July 10, 2020

I've got the same problem. Table is very narrow and centered. Doesn't look very nice and isn't very useful.


A simple 'left justify' button would be ideal, but the 'Full width' option does seem to work in some situations.

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Rob Gilliam May 19, 2020

Here's what I'm doing:

  • Full-width the page
  • Add either a 2-column or right-sidebar layout
  • Put table in left-hand column

Not ideal, and an option just to left-justify the whole page would be far easier!

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