How to import organizational information into Draw.IO from Active Directory

Is there any way to be able to import organizational information from Active Directory into a Draw.IO org chart? I don't mind exporting this information out of AD, but so far I can only see certain file formats supported by Draw.IO. The XML format (if it expects a similar layout to the exported XML document) looks a bit convoluted to have to go from basic information to all the necessary cell stylings and geometries and properties (etc.).

Any ideas?

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We don't currently support automatic import, but you're welcome to suggest it as a feature request. Is there a link to the formats that AD can export to somewhere?

Hi David, I have created a feature request as suggested.

Perhaps not ideal - extracting data from AD can be done with powershell. There is an example of going from AD to CSV here.

However, food-for-thought, Confluence has the ability for creating user directories with AD. It also can sync with a remote JIRA directory which might be synced with AD as well. Furthermore, there is a JIRA add-on that can gather more attributes from AD than the standard called "Active Directory Attributes Sync" here. I might be pushing it here though - but it's interesting to know that the functionality is there.

User's do have some limited profile information in Confluence that is org related. But I would hesitate using that information if users can change that data via a customer portal


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